Your Passport to Wedding Themes Inspired by Travel

Travel themed party tables

Thinking of going places for your wedding this summer? How about a romantic destination wedding in the Hawaiian Islands, a wedding weekend in Cancun, or a posh reception in Key West or in glamorous Santa Barbara? No matter where you plan to go-or even if you choose a hometown wedding with a themed setting inspired by these special places-the magic lies in your decor elements. And the focal point of a party’s decor is always the table display. Assemble destination-inspired tablescapes that just transport you to your dream wedding location.

Destination-inspired Tablescapes from Cancun to Marrakech!

These destination-inspired tablescapes are also ideal for a rehearsal dinner because of their fun and upbeat nature. Have fun styling your tables with our 6 tablescapes as your inspiration.

Mexico-inspired weddings

In this fun and whimsical tablescape, vibrant styling brings a mix of elements that come together beautifully in a table inspired by Mexico!

Key West Weddings.jpg

For a wedding with chic elements, Key West inspires a sunny tablescape in hues of ivory, green, and sand.

Santa Barbara Weddings

Bring sunny Santa Barbara to your tablescape with hues of the sea that are set up with simple table runners, crisp tableware, and natural shell accents.

Caribbean tablescape in red and yellow.

Let your guests experience the allure of the Caribbean with a dazzling tablescape in vibrant colors and textures.

Polynesian-inspired table decorations

Get a Polynesian vibe going with your wedding luau in a color of palette of fuchsia, green, and orange!

Moroccan-inspired tablescape

Spend a dazzling night in Marrakesh with an over-the-top table display of jeweled tones, gold accents, crystals, and endless illumination.

What’s your favorite destination-inspired tablescape? Share it with other brides planning a destination-inspired wedding!


  1. I love these photos! Makes me want to have a wedding in Marrakesh! Or one with such pretty colors.

  2. I love the idea of a travel theme. How would you suggest the decor for a New York themed wedding? Nothing too fancy, just practical. Flowers and colors? Karen 🙂

  3. Glad you like the travel theme, Karen! For a New York themed wedding, it depends on what aspect of this very diverse and exciting city you plan to focus on. If it’s the “Big Apple” image, you could use a chic grey and silver palette with pops of red–either through flowers like roses or carnations, or through whimsical apple decorations on the place settings, centerpieces, and favors. 🙂

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