“Happy (and Healthy) Galentine’s Day!” Party Menu Choices

The idea of celebrating Galentine’s Day isn’t new. In fact, we published our own Galentine’s post with a glittery glam spin some time back! But ever since this unique Love Day concept popped up, there have been so many creative variations to suit different groups of gal pals. From a wine and chocolate tasting party, to a Valentine’s tea party, to even a virtual Valentine’s cocktail party.

So we thought, why not take a cue from the health and wellness trends that so many are into now? And suggest good-for-you food, drink and dessert options for your Galentine’s Day party menu! Each recipe we’re featuring uses ingredients that are as healthful as they are flavorful—and so party-pretty, too. You won’t even miss the traditional Valentine’s Day chocolates and sweets. Happy Hearts Day, ladies!

7 Healthy Recipe Options for Your Galentine’s Party

This scrumptious selection is just a sampling of the amazing array of delicious + healthy choices out there. So grab some ideas, then create your own party menu for the special ladies in your life!

Healthy Galentine's Day Food and Drinks

Drinks + Appetizers

For starters, how cool would it be to greet each guest with a welcome drink? We found this lovely Keto Cherry Pomegranate Spritzer (1) on Joy Filled Eats that’s made with a fruit drink mix that’s gluten-free, naturally keto, and paleo approved—then topped up with champagne!

Delish appetizers to pair with the cocktails would be this homemade Easy Salmon Lox (2) from Wholesome Yum, served on bagels spread with cream cheese and garnished with red onion strips and capers. Plus this Skinny Spinach Artichoke Dip (3) courtesy of Happy Healthy Mama. It uses less cheese to cut down on the carbs, and it subs Greek yogurt for the mayo or sour cream in similar recipes.

Main Dishes + Salad

Opting for meatless mains doesn’t mean scrimping on flavor. Check out this Heart-shaped Strawberry Basil Pizza (4) from California Strawberries. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, its cute crust is topped with fruit (strawberry “heart” slices) and a veggie (basil pesto) on a layer of shredded mozzarella.

No meat, too, is this Gluten-free Penne with Puttanesca Sauce (5), using Barilla’s gluten-free penne noodles with olives, capers, red pepper flakes, and a red sauce with Italian tomatoes. Again, all veggies!

Then, for a side dish, consider this Dairy-free Healthy Shrimp Salad (6) we found on Go Dairy Free. Cooked shrimp is soaked and chilled in a zesty marinade for a few hours, then tossed with your choice of fresh greens and served with lemon wedges. Super easy!


Can a dessert this yummy-looking be healthy? Well, this Low-fat Chocolate Raspberry Mousse (7) from Slim Pickin’s Kitchen is healthier than most other sweets. It’s made with non-fat Greek yogurt, cocoa powder, frozen raspberries, and stevia—so your guests can spoon it up guilt-free! Have a fruit spread of watermelons, cantaloupes, and grapes as a great dessert option.

There you have it. An entire menu, from welcome drink to dessert, for a Galentine’s Day gathering with lots of love and delicious flavors—and less of unhealthy choices. The ladies will thank you!

Party Pluses

Aside from what to serve, here are other party elements to make your Galentine’s celebration even more special:

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