Romantic Beach Picnic Anniversary Date Inspiration

Picnic anniversary on the beach

Is it your first wedding anniversary that’s coming up? Or the 10th or the 25th? Whichever it is, having an intimate couple date is the way to mark this precious milestone. But imagine if that date were to be a romantic anniversary beach picnic for just the two of you—out on a serene stretch of sand at sunset, with the sound of the waves in the background. Sigh!

Wouldn’t that be fabulous? Well, here are 5 gorgeous beach picnic settings to inspire you. Take your pick from a luxe curated picnic styled for the occasion, to examples of sweet and simple beach date setups with wine, cheese, fruits and flowers. Sure to be memorable either way!

Anniversary-perfect Beach Picnic Settings

Romantic Beach Picnic Anniversary Date
1 – This dreamy setting may look a bit lavish for just a couple date. But that’s because it’s custom-styled by San Diego’s Pop Up Picnic that offers clients a "luxury picnic experience." If you plan to prepare your own beach picnic, though, take tips from the exotic rug in place of a beach blanket, the chic boho-style floor pillows, and the wooden pedestals for the food tables. (Come to think of it, you could make this a family anniversary date!)

2 – Love how the suggestion of a teepee gives this beach picnic setup—styled by Marianna Idirina—such a cozy, private feel. Notice, too, how bunches of fresh flowers artfully placed, a cluster of string lights overhead, and color-coordinated decor in hot pink and sandy neutrals all contribute to the pulled-together total effect. (Photography: Xavier Munguia Photography)

3 – We have Gisele Chic to thank for this delightfully doable Valentine’s Day-inspired sunset beach picnic—that’s perfect for an anniversary date, too. It’s about focusing on the essentials: fine wine, a cheese plate with sausage slices, fruits, and nuts arranged around a heart-shaped brie, a bouquet of fresh blooms, 3 balloons (for "I love you"), and that ultra-romantic sunset!

4 – Inspiration can also come from this lovely birthday picnic dinner on the beach, discovered on Amy Believes in Pink. The picnic setup itself is for a party of 9 (seen in detail in the full post), but this little "beach drinks station" hints at a sweet picnic table-for-two you could set up, if you’re not too crazy about sitting on sand. While the use of pinks and pastels with natural wood and basketry is another refreshing idea you can try.

5 – Another charming sunset beach picnic, this time set in the Cayman Islands, is courtesy of Dylan Crossley Photo. Simple wine crates serve as tiny tables—one for a picnic spread of assorted cheeses, nuts, jelly, and of course wine; the other for the celebrants, graced with an arrangement of roses and gift boxes on the plates.

Aside from the romantic beach ambiance and creative decor, your picnic fare must be special, too! Sample some ideas from our posts on:

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Have an anniversary beach picnic date to remember!

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