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Use Vibrant Colors for Centerpieces and Favors

Capture guests’ attention with a splash of vivid colors in brilliant orange, yellow, and red, all inspired by the vitality of Spanish culture. Have the table centerpieces feature flowers such as gerbera daisies, roses, dahlias, or tulips in cheerful and lively hues. To assemble quick yet classy floral arrangements, start with beautiful bowls or vases in modern geometric designs. A globe-shaped glass bowl, for instance, filled with bright red daisies can look stunning on its own. Similarly, a long rectangular vase in brushed steel holding dazzling orange dahlias makes a stylish statement without much fuss.

Add a Spanish Accent to the Table

Crystal frames
Place frames set with vari-colored crystals hold guests’ seating cards while serving as decorative accent pieces.

To provide interest to the table, add decorative accent pieces with unique details. As an example, place frames to hold guests’ seating cards function as a decorative element, with their vari-colored crystals. For a fancy presentation, the frames may have a satin or organza ribbon tied around them, and the seating cards inside them may be written in calligraphy or a graceful script font. Other touches of Spain may be brought to the table through the use of acrylic plate chargers, gold-trimmed dinnerware, or elegant china with a Castillian-inspired design.

All these elements–from the centerpieces to the decorative accents to the tableware–can come together on a table topped with a lacy tablecloth with ruffled edges, in hues of burnished copper and rich burgundy. This creates a table setting reminiscent of a traditional mantilla (i.e., Spanish bridal veil). As a final touch, charming table ornaments may actually be party favors in disguise, making surprise keepsakes for the guests to remember this festive occasion.

Say “Muchas Gracias!” With Memorable Favors

Sending guests home with a container full of traditional Spanish cookies and pastries is a wonderful way to leave them with a sweet reminder of the celebration. Attractive heart-shaped goody boxes may be filled with a sampler of Spanish sweets, such as mazapan (i.e., marzipan) and yema (i.e., Spanish candy made of eggs and sugar). A printed tag tied to each box may bear the name of the event, the names of the hosts, and the date or a simple “¡Muchas Gracias!” printed in beautiful lettering.

Assorted wraps
Gold picture frames, wrapped in jewel-colored fabric, can hold photographs of Spanish sights and symbols–a perfect way to create personalized keepsakes.

Another creative way of gifting guests with the memory of Spain is through photographs depicting famous sights and symbols–such as those found within the Alhambra, stunning cathedrals, imposing castles, scenes from a corrida (i.e., bullfight), and views of major Spanish cities and regions. For added elegance, present each photo in a frame wrapped in jewel-colored fabric, and enclose a story card featuring a historical background or explanation. Not only is this a great way to create something personalized, but these frames capture the feel of Spain’s glory days of old.

Clearly, Spain is a rich source of inspiration for planning a fun and memorable engagement party. Simply highlight the most notable features of this fascinating country–gorgeous art and decor, appetizing dishes, and engaging music–and provide guests with an authentic experience of sunny Spain they will not soon forget.

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