15 Questions You Should Ask: [Infographic] Is a Beach Wedding Right for You?

Beach wedding questions by Bellenza.

There’s just so much romance and magic in a beach wedding! But unless you already live in a seaside location, you need to ask yourselves some pretty important questions before you take that ocean plunge! First off, does the beach have a special meaning for the two of you that will make your wedding truly meaningful? Remember, there will be added considerations and costs to tying the knot there. So we put together 15 vital aspects to think about. If you can answer these confidently, then go for your dream beach wedding!

Stop and Think of These Before Choosing a Beach Wedding

Is a Beach Wedding Right for You | Infographic by The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza.

  1. Are you thinking of a beach location within driving distance from you? Elsewhere in the U.S.? Or an overseas destination?
  2. How will your choice of venue and its distance affect your guest list? Close family only? Extended family (can grandpa and grandma come along)? Friends and work colleagues, too?
  3. How will you take care of airline bookings, hotel/resort reservations? How far in advance?
  4. Will you be hiring a wedding planner or handling all of the details by yourself?
  5. Can your wedding budget cover these additional costs? Or will guests be requested to “pay their way”?
  6. Will the two of you and your bridal party be comfortable in beach-appropriate wedding attire? Will you go classic, boho, tropical or Caribbean/Mediterranean?
  7. Will your ceremony be out on the beach? If yes, how will your ceremony setup and decorations deal with the sun, sand and wind?
  8. What on-site transportation arrangements are available to get the bridal party and guests to and from the venue?
  9. How will you keep your guests comfortable from ceremony to reception?
  10. Are you considering an open-air reception, having a large tent set up, or using a lanai area of a resort? Inquire ahead about the logistics of each option.
  11. Will the wedding be a morning, noon, or evening event?
  12. Will the wedding destination double up as your honeymoon location?
  13. When is the best time to have a beach wedding? The obvious choice would be summer, but if cost is an issue, you can opt for an off-season wedding especially if you have a destination wedding.
  14. What will be the style (e.g., tropical, bohemian, modern, rustic) of your beach wedding? Will you be incorporating a theme?
  15. What interesting and fun local activities can you pre-arrange for guests for the duration of their stay for your wedding?

Other questions to think about:

  1. Will you need to arrange for additional or special lighting for the beach-side locale (overhead string lights, lanterns, hurricane lamps, tiki torches)?
  2. What food service arrangement would be best considering the outdoor venue (buffet style, pass around, food stations)?
  3. How will your table settings include beach-inspired décor while also being practical for an al fresco meal?
  4. Will you need to arrange for additional for special lighting for the beach-side locale ?
  5. What type of menu will suit your theme (from appetizers, salads, main entrees, desserts, drinks, to wedding cake)? Is your intended venue equipped to prepare and serve these?
  6. How will your wedding favors capture the beach vibe and unique location? Will you take them with you, have a supplier ship directly, or source them from the area?

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Planning a beach wedding takes a lot more to consider and they are various challenges to overcome! Are you ready to take the plunge? Share your thoughts, issues, and concerns if you are thinking of beach wedding! We love hearing insights and stories from brides and grooms!

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