Dive into a Reception Decked out in Jewels of the Sea

Celebrate the splendor of the ocean with tablescapes that draw inspiration from its ever-changing hues and the exotic treasures beneath its waves. With ocean colors providing the perfect backdrop, carry on the seaside theme in each decorative detail—from table linens to tableware to centerpieces to the special gifts for guests. Highlight these with candles, gem-like ornaments, crystal beads, and shells to convey that “jewels of the sea” look.

Choose a Palette Awash with Sea Colors

Beyond obvious colors consisting of blue, white, and gray, the ocean offers an amazing array of colors to play with. Among them are such sophisticated hues as turquoise, sea green, aquamarine, indigo, and teal. Select a color palette that draws from this range and apply it throughout the table decorations. Add the glitter of silver to give guests the semblance of being transported to an exclusive seaside resort.

Set the Stage With Stunning Fabrics

Capture the look of the ocean with luxurious fabrics in ocean colors. Tablecloths of silk shantung, damask, and satin immediately convey richness and elegance, as their iridescent sheen and beautiful texture come to life in a candle-lit setting. An organza overlay with touches of embroidery lends an intricate effect to each table. All these set the stage for a table display that exudes the same glitter and glow.

Lay Out Place Settings That Glitter

Votive candle holders set with crystal gems add sparkle of a different sort to the place settings.

Bring instant sparkle to the table with place settings of crystal or glass tableware. Pair these with silver-trimmed napkins tied with a string of crystalline beads laid on each plate. For illumination, select candles in different styles and shapes—for instance, rhinestone blue votives that match an ocean-inspired color palette. Another unique take on table illumination could be the use of frosted glass bowls showcasing white floating candles amidst rose petals. The same jewel-like effect can then be echoed in the other decorative accents on the table.

Capture the Candlelight Glow with Shells

Natural goes elegant with tabletop décor pieces that incorporate organic elements such as shells. A frame encrusted with a variety of seashells provides a break from the sea of blues and greens. Small cuttings of leaves and twigs scattered freely on the table capture the look of underwater flora, as they draw attention to the decorative focal point, the centerpiece.

A shell frame not only conveys the seaside theme but reflects the golden glow of candlelight as well.

Use Flowers and More for a Sea-Inspired Centerpiece

For floral centerpieces, keep within the event’s color palette with blooms in lovely hues of blue or violet, such as forget-me-nots, blue hydrangeas, delphinium, and irises. Complement these with other flowers in hues of green, ivory, yellow, or chartreuse.

As an alternative, craft a unique centerpiece using rocks of varying sizes arranged atop a bed of sand and pebbles in the center of each table. Embellish these with a variety of sea treasures such as nautilus shells, sea urchins, augers, and dried starfish. These miniature underwater scenes make immediate conversation pieces—while being quite simple to recreate. Once the centerpieces are done, all that remain are imaginative keepsakes for the guests.

Present Keepsakes That Speak of the Sea

The aqua of the sea and the pink and lilac of seashells are captured in the pretty wrapping that envelopes these favors.

Give charming mementos of the event with photographs or small art prints of seascapes enclosed in keepsake frames. A special message of thanks or a quotation about the sea may be printed in beautiful lettering on each photograph or print. When enveloped in organza wraps, they double as decorative accents when positioned by each guest’s place setting.

Let the spectacular beauty of the ocean serve as inspiration for a wedding reception that blends nature with elegance. Decorative elements draw from the treasures of the sea—its striking hues, its lustrous pearls, its glowing shells—and play these up with luxurious fabrics, unique centerpieces, candlelight, and gem-like ornaments to stage an event that guests will remember.

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