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Cast a “Twilight” Spell at Your Bridal Shower Party!

Twilight bridal shower theme

Ride on the “Twilight” trend for a bridal shower party just in time for Halloween! With stylish allusions to the popular vampire saga, we lure you in to a party setting that will give guests both thrills and chills. All in fun, of course!

So be prepared to fall under the spell of these entertaining ideas—from elegant tablescapes with a “vampy” flair, to innovative guest treats in blood-red packaging, delicious party fare (only vampires don’t eat!), and even a fun makeover session. Ready? We’re off!

Where and When?

Now, where would one stage a bridal shower tribute to “Twilight”? A cozy sitting room in your home would be ideal, where guests can truly relax and enjoy the ambiance. A small function room in a hotel, restaurant, or country club would be another option—as long as you’ll be allowed to lay out the fancy set-up ahead of time.

Right around Halloween is a fitting time to host this vampire flick-inspired gathering. But it’s such a popular theme, it would be frightfully fun any time of year. Oh and, of course, this is a definite evening event, for obvious reasons!

Vampy Table Decorations

Twilight themed wedding shower decorations
Create a sultry tablescape decked out in black, white, and blood red. Use accent pieces a la classic horror film—ornate candelabra in glass and silver, mirrors and antique frames as trays, and candles, candles, candles!

How do you create the perfect “Twilight” ambiance? Start by setting a sultry and sexy mood for your party tables, with a stunning color palette of black, white, and crimson. Then, bring in details to recapture the look of a classic ’50s horror film.

Here, we set out antique-style candelabra in glass and silver—the more ornate the better!—and transformed elaborate carved frames into decorative trays. We also laid out lots of posh and plush textures everywhere—from the black lace tablecloth, to faux fur runners, to elegant candle displays.

Speaking of candles, what “creepy chic” scene would be complete without as many candles as you can manage? So we cast an air of romance on the scene with the glow of red gel taper candles, white pillar candles, and even tall slender candles in pink. This is a bridal shower party after all!

Decorating Tip: See those little heart-shaped accents on the pillar candles? They’re antique-looking pushpins or scrapbooking supplies found in a craft store! You could use fancy earrings, too. Just leave off the back clasp and push the earring post into the candle.

The place settings are composed of white porcelain plates and simple crystal ware, finished with fringed fabric napkins. The silverware, though, is appropriately antique-looking in keeping with the theme. Hint: You may already have antique cutlery in the family that you can borrow, or you may stumble on some lucky finds at a flea market or antique store.

Finally, craft a creative party signage to mark this special occasion. It could greet arriving guests “Welcome to Bella’s Bridal Shower—We Don’t Bite!” written out on black cardboard stock using red, gold or silver markers. Add a well-known quote from the movie such as “I promise… I swear not to hurt you” or “Did I frighten you?” Then, display the sign at the party entrance, adorned with velvet ribbon, black lace, and a solitary candle all surrounded by scarlet rose petals.

Party Favors to Die For!

Favors for twilight themed wedding shower
Have your bridal shower favors waiting enticingly atop each place setting, presented in luxurious blood-red organza packaging. Then, complete the opulent gift look with gold rococo-style favor tags.

When it comes to preparing the guest favors, think of meaningful references to the “Twilight” film that avid fans are sure to catch. Or have them revolve around the saga’s central themes of mortality, vanity, and love. Some vampire-themed favor ideas?

  1. Candied apples wrapped in shimmering red organza
  2. Keepsake frames displaying famous quotes from the movie (see list below)
  3. Pretty candles personalized with an elegant tag.
  4. Cosmetic kits composed of dainty sachets holding scarlet lipstick and a petite compact
  5. Cookies in the shape of lions, lambs, fangs, and apples presented in heart boxes finished with a crimson bow
  6. Goody bags filled with red and black candies such as licorice, jelly beans, and lollipops
  7. Personalized bottles of red wine tied with blood red velvet ribbons
  8. Red velvet cupcakes decorated with vampire fangs and a tiny sign that says “bite me”
  9. Red brownie pops covered with chocolate sprinkles
  10. Caramel popcorn balls made with red food coloring

Remember, the key is to have a fun time at the bridal shower—with more to spare in the form of great take-home mementos and scrumptious treats with that “Twilight” vibe!

Quotes from the Movie

Twilight quotes

Tempting Food and Drinks

Menu ideas for twilight themed wedding shower
More like temptations than distractions…serve up a party spread of Italian pasta, gourmet cheeses and dips, with crusty breads and crackers. Pair these with red-hued beverages and scrumptious desserts.

Vampires may shun food and drinks, but your guests deserve a warm and inviting menu. So we recommend Italian!

  1. Main menu – Serve up enticing party fare of angel hair pasta with vodka sauce, hearty Florentine beef, bruschetta, garlic bread (though this would be ironic!), a light salad, Italian wedding soup, and a variety of Italian cheeses and freshly-baked breads.
  2. Beverages – In keeping with the theme, serve red-colored cocktails like Bloody Mary’s and Red Devil martinis, as well as non-alcoholic drinks like strawberry granitas and grenadine-infused soda water. Consider red wines, too, such as cabernet sauvignon, merlot, or zinfandel that pair well with most red meat dishes.
  3. Then, for a celebratory touch, offer guests something bubbly and glamorous such as champagne with a bright red cherry to garnish each glass. And to wind down before the party ends, set out a selection of vanilla-, hazelnut-, or amaretto-flavored coffees, robust espressos, and relaxing teas like oolong, green tea, or chamomile.

  4. Desserts – Present a variety of sweet temptations such as a red velvet cake made with creamy sugar frosting, cups of strawberry gelato sprinkled with chocolate bits, a platter of chocolate-covered strawberries, and raspberry panna cotta. And what would a bridal shower party bewithout a heaping box of chocolate truffles for everyone to pass around and enjoy!

Shopping Tip:Try red drinking goblets (these are usually seasonal items available during the holidays and Halloween at stores like Target®), black table napkins tied with red ribbons, gold or silver plate chargers, crystal punch bowls, frosted glass ice buckets (dry ice would be a nice touch!), and apothecary jars for holding additional treats to grab like M&Ms®, licorice, and jelly beans. Make a stunning dessert display by using tiered dessert stands for serving items like cupcakes, gelatin cups, and petit fours colored in black and red icing. Otherwise, you can improvise using plates and bowls or glasses of varying heights.

Entertainment with a “Twilight” Vibe

Activities for twilight themed wedding shower
Get everyone in on the fun with an on-the-spot makeover session! Have an array of cosmetics and beauty accessories on hand, with surprise pouches holding lipstick and a mini compact for each guest to take home

What happens when a group of lady friends get together? They chat, they laugh, they eat, and they talk beauty! So, we propose a (not so) impromptu makeover session as a great bridal shower party activity. Set up a small table with two or three “beauty stations” where the guests can gather around and try out different cosmetics…while they chat, laugh, and snack a bit.

A more laid-back option would be to have the “Twilight” DVD on hand—and let everyone squeeze onto a couch or lie on throw pillows on the floor, and watch the movie together all over again!

Or in the great tradition of party games, why not plan one for everyone to join? You can “make your own” by filling a box with paper slips containing “Twilight” trivia to be guessed or memorable lines from the film to be completed (see list above). You could also get a copy of the “Twilight” board game called Scene It? Twilight Deluxe Edition—and have a blast playing the night away!

In the end, guests should come away from your bridal shower party saying “Bella would have loved this!” With all the table decorations, party favors, food and drinks, and entertainment planned just so, we dare say she would.

Entertaining Tip:Since this party theme can literally turn into an all-night event and into the wee hours of the morning, you may want to offer guests the option of staying over. This is especially important if you plan to serve up cocktails and wine throughout the evening. You can then plan a nice post-party breakfast to extend the fun!

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