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Clever & Craft-y Candle Ideas to Light Up Your Table

Ideas for decorating candles

Looking for fun and creative ways to glam up your wedding party candles…but wary of the expense and hassle? Help is here! With simple crafting materials that you can buy in bulk at your neighborhood craft store, it’s actually easier and more affordable than ever to make your candle displays look chic and stylish. Can’t visualize those humble materials bringing pizzazz to your table setting? Just take a look at these delightful, yet oh-so-simple examples. You’ll be happily candle crafting in no time!

Get Creative with These Easy Ideas

Items pictured above: 1) Seashell tealight holder laden with sand 2) Rhinestone candle votive holder atop crushed beads 3) Cone shaped votive holders hanging from a favor tree

Look #1: Tropical Paradise, Seaside Chic

What you can use: What could be simpler than a bed of sand and pebbles to capture that seaside look? [Hint: If your craft store doesn’t sell sand and pebbles, try a home improvement store.]
How to get the look: Use these to line a small dish or tray trimmed with seashells—and you have the perfect tealight holder.
Great for: A luau wedding party or a Cape Cod, Palm Beach, or sailing-themed reception.

Look #2: Glitzy and Glamorous

What you can use: Colored crushed beads, crystals or glitter—for that sparkle that’s such a delightful decor touch on any wedding party table
How to get the look: Create “beds” of crushed beads, crystals or glitter and simply place one votive in the center. Voila, it’s done!
Great for: An Arabian Night’s Theme or Moroccan-inspired celebration, where these sparkling elements can echo the opulent setting

Look #3: Magical, Fairytale

What you can use: Tiny tealights in wall-mounted or hanging containers—like these frosted cone-shaped votives adorning a wedding wish tree. [Hint: A little hunting at your craft store will surely uncover many other quaint holders for candles: glass honey pots, terra cotta jarlets, glazed saucers or coasters, even wrought-iron curtain rod ends.]
How to get the look: Create a wedding wish tree or a tabletop tree centerpiece, and adorn its branches with your hanging lanterns.
Great for: A fairytale-inspired or winter wedding with magical, dreamy decor

Items pictured above: 4) Paper-covered lanterns 5) Lace candles 6) White rose embossed candle tied with ribbon and arranged on a pearl candle ring with mirror coaster.

Look #4: Romantic, exotic

What to use: Glass cylinders; a variety of translucent papers—like parchment, rice paper, vellum, and other fiber-based papers; small candles or tealights
How to get the look: Wrap the paper in a band around the glass cylinders, permitting the muted glow of the candles to shine through. You can also make cutouts from heavier paper to cast silhouettes portraying the motif or theme of your party. Or you can rim these luminaries with metallic paper in gold, silver, bronze or copper tones for an opulent finish.
Great for: Virtually any wedding party with a romantic or exotic air; or with a specific theme such as a Valentine’s engagement party where heart cut-outs can be attached to glass lanterns

Look #5: Frilly and Feminine

What to use: Lace ribbons that are available in most craft stores, in different patterns, widths, and lovely colors such as pink, blue, and ivory; glass cylinders; tealights
How to get the look: Just wrap a length of lace ribbon around the glass cylinders, pop in tiny tealights, and you have instant romance, femininity, and nostalgia.
Great for: Pretty table settings for a bridesmaids’ lunch or tea party, or for a modern vintage or Parisian-themed bridal shower

Look #6: Chic and Sophisticated

What to use: Bands of ribbon to magically transform plain candles into appealing accents. Simply select the:
– colors (monochromatic or multi-colored)
– textures (satin, velvet, brocade)
– patterns (striped, floral, polka-dotted, gingham, paisley)
that capture the look you’re aiming for.
How to get the look: Try different band styles when wrapping the candles with ribbons. You can even attach a pretty brooch for a glitzy look. All you need is a stylish accessory like a candle coaster with a ring of pearls, and the candle is ready to light!
Great for: A wedding party with a chic and sophisticated look such as a winter-inspired reception or engagement dinner. Also, a romantic Breakfast at Tiffany’s party.

Look #7: Rustic, Natural, Organic

What to use: Natural-colored raffia, glass cylinders, tealights
How to get the look: Bring a rustic chic feel to your table display by wrapping each cylinder with lengths of raffia. You can use a grouping of these luminaries in varied sizes in place of a traditional centerpiece. Or lay individual tealight glasses at each place setting, tied with a raffia bow.
Great for: A Caribbean, beach, fall, or Tuscan-inspired table setting—the look is that versatile!


  1. Those cylinders with the raffia are a great idea! Where can I buy those glass vases?

  2. You can purchase them at a crafts store like Michael’s, but you can also find them online at places like save on crafts, which carries an assortment of glass sizes even as large as 20″ high with a 6″ diameter. Here is a link to a page selling different sizes of cylinder vases. Go here: http://www.save-on-crafts.com/cylindervases.html

  3. I love the look of rustic elegance, so with my wedding next summer, it’s going to be an Italian Tuscan theme and I will be having the dinner in a rented home located by the hills of Hollywood. The idea of using lace candles looks very romantic so I want to have this done for my tables.

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