Decorating Ideas You’ll Love for a DIY Fall Wedding Cake

DIY Fall Wedding Cakes for Budget Weddings

Autumn weddings just seem to have a special sentiment about them. Something about warm gatherings, the breathtaking changing of the seasons, and the thrill of the upcoming holidays. So nuptials with a DIY spin fit right in. And a key handmade showpiece for the occasion has got to be your wedding cake!

If you’re wondering if a self-made cake can measure up in terms of style, though, read on. Here are 4 beautiful cake inspirations that are surprisingly affordable and doable—while looking fittingly gorgeous for your Big Day!

Autumn Wedding Cakes You Can Make Yourself

1 – Grocery Store Wedding Cake (image credit: Joe Lingeman)

Grocery Store Wedding Cake (The Kitchn) (image credit: Joe Lingeman)

Courtesy of The Kitchn, here is one pretty way to transform a store-bought sheet cake from ordinary to awesome. In fact, lovely enough to grace your wedding day! Simply order a plain one-layer cake frosted in white buttercream. Then, trim it with a border of fresh thyme, rosemary, and lavender sprigs, and add a pretty pile of apricots, peaches, strawberries, and raspberries. Embellish with spray roses and baby’s breath, and finish with a dusting of powdered sugar.

2 – White Almond Wedding Cake

White Almond Wedding Cake (Curly Girl Kitchen)

Elegant in pure white, this two-tier creation we found on Curly Girl Kitchen features 8-inch and 6-inch layers so it’s a manageable size to DIY. Almond extract in the cake batter and buttercream gives that classic wedding cake flavor. And the swirly coating of buttercream is so prettily imperfect, trimmed with a single white chocolate rose! Note: For a fall wedding, you can decorate with edible autumn leaves instead (lots of online recipes for those).

3 – Autumn Floral Cake

 Autumn Floral Cake (Wilton)

Unique in deep teal blue frosting, this eye-catching autumn floral cake from Wilton owes its seasonal charm to the rustic-look flowers. The good news is that no piping skills are needed! The flowers and leaves are formed from color-tinted icing using strokes from wide and tapered spatulas.

4 – Naked Wedding Cake

Naked Wedding Cake (Every Nook and Cranny)

Still popular as a DIY option, a multi-layered naked wedding cake seems just the style for a fall wedding! This towering creation from Every Nook and Cranny dresses up 3 sizes of round cake layers with fillings of fruit jam and buttercream. Then, trims each tier with fresh berries along the rims and nosegays of white roses. And finally, sweet mini bunting on top!

So, whether you’re a couple on a budget or just love the idea of a DIY wedding, these delightfully doable fall wedding cake ideas are definitely for you!


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