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Eclectic Inspiration: A Vintage Glam Halloween Wedding

Eclectic Halloween candle display by Bellenza

Are you considering a Halloween-inspired wedding, but worried it may end up too morbid or too kitschy? Worry no more! There is a way to have a hint of Halloween mystery in the air in the midst of a romantic vintage-style setting. And we’re delighted to share elements from our own styled wedding sets to give you ideas for how to pull this off. Guess which ‘scary tales’ we took some decorating cues from?

Styling inspiration notes: for this shoot, we were inspired to create an elegant look that combines the stories of Snow White and Twilight with vintage and modern elements. Hence, you will see props like mirrors, black apple place cards, and blood red roses!

A Palette of Romance and Drama in One

Eclectic Halloween table setting in a palette of black, red, and touches of lilac by Bellenza

No typical orange in this wedding! Instead, we put together a palette of dramatic black and red—not too unexpected a color pair for Halloween. Then we tossed in some lilac with touches of gold.

Here, you see this color scheme applied to the reception table setting. The crisp white china and table cloth are given a slightly goth spin with a runner of black lace and swatches of faux fur. Red cabbage roses make a bold decor statement on the chairs, while lilac fabric wraps grace the wedding favors and soften the scene.

Decorating with Eclectic Elements

Eclectic Halloween wine glass tassels and drinks display by Bellenza

Quite a bit going on in the table setting? That’s precisely the point. With a vintage-inspired set like this, you can combine Victorian with a bit of modern—and don’t forget, some eeriness, too. So aside from the lace, fur, and roses, you’ll notice:

  1. the candleholders are glass cubes adorned with gold heart cutouts (we have a how-to for them here)
  2. we dressed up the wine glasses with tassel charms and beaded coasters
  3. for hints of Halloween, we added blood red rose petals scattered about, and embedded antique-style studs (actually fancy jewelry) in our embossed pillar candles

Adding Special Touches to the Ceremony

Eclectic Halloween wedding ceremony details with a book-shaped ring pillow, a ghostly mirror, and eerie candlelight

Here’s where we brought in some elements inspired by that ‘scary tale’ we mentioned. See the gorgeous Victorian-inspired ring pillow in the shape of a storybook? What a stunner that would be as it’s carried down the aisle. Then at the reception, it could become the focal point of the guestbook station, the wedding cake table, or the welcome display.

Extending an Eerie Greeting at the Reception

Eclectic Halloween welcome display wreath made of apple shaped cookies by Bellenza

Speaking of a welcome display, notice that the book-ring pillow above is accompanied by a wreath of apple-shaped cookies. And the quote on the card “The world is not enough” is from _____________ (can you name the book/film?). That’s right, Twilight!

Or an alternative vignette could be a ghostly mirror lighted by candles, again with cutouts of black apples. You’ve surely guessed the fairy tale that inspired these bewitching elements, right?

Inspired by Snow White, black poison apple cutouts as place cards in black and gold by Bellenza

Lastly, let your guests find the poison apples! Not literally, of course! Create simple black cutous as place cards and label them with gold markers. That’s it!

So you see, it is possible to have your Halloween-themed wedding with not a single black cat, goblin, or pumpkin in sight. Instead, it can have an eclectic mix of romance, mystery, and vintage-glam!


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