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Eco-friendly Decorating Ideas for your Engagement Party

Eco-friendly table

Be right in step with today’s trends with an engagement party decorated in eco-friendly style with tropical touches. But how do you define such a style? Basically, it’s the use of organic materials and other non man-made elements to make décor pieces that celebrate the freshness, delightful variety, and unmatched beauty of nature. From a table display that’s ecologically—and literally!—green, to party mementos that take inspiration from the world around us, this is one wedding event that you would be proud to host. See what we’ve assembled below and be inspired to plan a tropical green wedding that’s still high on style!

Use Green Coconuts with Lush Tropical Greens

Outdoor tropical backyard tablescape

“Going green” with your table decor works best with a motif that lends itself to an eco-friendly treatment. Take our tropical themed table (above), for example. It’s a natural (no pun intended) for such a setting! The color palette it offers is an entire range of verdant hues, complemented with neutral tones like beige, sand, and ivory, and accented with floral colors like orange and yellow. See our DIY coconut centerpiece!

A tropical scene also abounds with organic elements that are great decorating materials. Just think shells, fruits, pebbles, twigs, bamboo, and natural fibers such as straw, raffia, jute, and burlap. Just visualize the possibilities!

Make Table Centerpieces with Rich Texture

Coconut centerpiece with tropical leaves

Here’s one visualization brought to life. The table centerpiece is entirely organic. From the lush display of ornamental leaves—such as stag horn and palm—and the exotic heliconia blooms, all the way to the coconut “vases”, raffia pompoms, and strings of tiny shells, nothing is man-made. Even the beige tablecloth mimics a sandy beach.

Worried that natural materials may be hard to find, though? Here are some of our own suggestions:

1. Use a Variety of Leaves – For the leaves, don’t worry about being strictly tropical. Use whatever decorative varieties are available to you—monstera leaves or long blades of grass, for instance.

2. Apply Substitutes – For the floral touches, you can substitute anthuriums, bird of paradise blooms, bougainvillea, or even small orchids.

3. Find Exotic Fruits – Coconuts can usually be found at ethnic groceries or farmer’s markets. But you may also replace them with whole pineapples or a variety of tropical fruits presented in baskets or wooden bowls. Shapely fruits such as star fruit, dragon fruit, and papayas!

4. Infuse Shell Accents – And the seashells and raffia may be sourced at craft shops or home improvement/gardening outlets.

Spice up Your Guest Chairs with Tropical Touches

Give your guest chairs a style boost. Here, we used a variety of tropical leaves to add a pretty backdrop of simple greenery! See the DIY tropical chair tutorial.

Tropical eco-friendly chair decorations by Bellenza.

Give Tropical Favors Inspired by Beautiful Shells and Florals

Tropical favors on display for guests.

Short of giving out fresh fruits or flowers to the guests, your engagement party favors will probably be non-eco in the strictest sense. But you can definitely choose ones that are nature-inspired.

1. Think Handmade – Something handmade using organic materials would be one great keepsake idea—like this charming shell frame doubling as a place card holder. It would then make a lovely desk or dresser accessory, perfect for holding a sentimental photo with a friend or family member.

2. Consider Edible Using Organic Ingredients – Cookies, chocolates, or candies made with organic ingredients would be another favor option. Present them in a silk favor pouch hand painted with the pastel hues of a tropical garden.

3. Try Unique Packaging – Other gift choices could be pretty fans made from recycled paper, organic coffee beans wrapped in fabric (so you don’t throw away the packaging), coconut soaps packaged in simple brown paper and tied with a stem of grass. Read Fabulous in 4! A 4-Step Gift Wrapping Project with Sinamay.

Guests will be thrilled to discover these nature-inspired keepsakes atop their place settings, hanging on their chair backrests, or tucked amidst the eco-friendly centerpieces.

Choose Your Eco-style

With so much going for this look, you can actually define your own eco-style. Do you want your engagement party scene to be completely rustic and natural, or do you prefer a hybrid version—combining organic and man-made elements? Either would work. Then, of course, you can apply this eco-style to completely different settings as well. A garden-inspired wedding event or one with a nautical theme, for instance, can definitely go eco-deco. Happy styling!

Got a better idea of how to create an eco-friendly table? Share it with the world! Our planet will thank you.


  1. what fun to use the coconut shells after you’ve taken the sweet juice out to drink! Nothing wasted , everything put to good use is one of the key principles of being eco-friendly.


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