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How to Decorate Those Wedding Chairs with Creative Ideas

Chair decorating ideas

While tables get all the attention at a wedding party, chairs play a key role in making your guests feel truly welcome. Here, we present creative and colorful ways to dress those party chairs, ranging from fanciful to sophisticated. You’ll be quite surprised to discover great-seating-made-simple by just:

– picking up from your party’s theme, venue, or color scheme
– selecting innovative and readily-available materials
– combining store-bought with do-it-yourself elements.

Don’t have those stylish special-occasion chairs? Don’t worry. Simply spruce up those you have with attractive decorations like these—and your guests will surely “sit up” and take notice!

#1 Use Pillows of All Shapes, Sizes, and Colors!

Use decorative throw pillows, or small pillows that you can cover with fabrics to match your theme or color motif. In this example, by juxtaposing two different patterns, these chairs tout a truly distinctive personality as colorful tartan pillows in hues of red, fuchsia, green, and yellow sit atop chairs covered with fabric with a Caribbean-inspired pattern. A bright, yellow bow is then tied to each chair’s backrest as an attractive accent piece.

#2 Add a Fun Element of Surprise

Thinking of an outdoor reception this summer with a fun and festive atmosphere? Apply a palette of multiple colors as the main highlight for welcoming your guests to their seats. How? Use colorful paper streamers in vivid hues of aqua, red, orange, and fuchsia; and for the surprise, set the guest favors on the seats. Each favor is actually a pretty heart-shaped box filled with your favorite sweets and then wrapped up in lovely lilac fabric. This color then provides a lovely contrasting hue to the fuchsia covered chairs—perfect for the vibrant scene at this party.

#3 Use Accents with an Elegant Look

Gracefully drape satin ribbons and long strands of pearls on the chair back for a look of refined elegance. The chair above is one of a lovely pair for the couple’s table at a formal wedding party.

Check out these other great ways to decorate seats in style:

1. Try ribbons – Use large ribbons to create decorative swags on the backrests of your chairs; or tie a big, flouncy bow behind each chair to mimic a present.

2. Use fabrics – Cut a wide length of fabric in a color or pattern that suits your party theme and drape it softly from the chair back; or tie it in a snug band with a ruched or pleated effect, and fastened with a glittering brooch.

3. Apply flowers – String flowers and leaves together into garlands and loop one over each chair’s backrest; or create mini pomanders and hang these with ribbons.

4. Make it personal – Personalize each chair with the name of the guest assigned to that seat. Prepare the name plates on card stock, and attach each one to its chair backrest with satin or velvet ribbons slipped through slits in the card and tied in an elegant band.

5. Play with accents – Attach a dainty floral nosegay on one corner of each chair’s backrest.


  1. streamers….how simple yet soooooooooooo enchantingly special!

  2. The streamers are a great idea! They’re so simple to use! Plus, colorful!

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