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How to Present Place Cards to Suit Your Wedding Theme

Vintage place cards

Place cards at weddings have certainly come a long way from just greeting guests, “Hi! Please sit here.” They have evolved into lovely accent pieces in their own right—in a whole myriad of styles, materials, shapes, and colors! So to help you along with your summer wedding preparations, we’ve drawn ideas from our own table sets for place cards that suit a particular theme. Happy choosing!

Vintage Country Garden

Vintage Country Garden Place Card Settings

Our inspiration: For such a feminine and frilly theme, we had tent cards printed with a dainty lace border, tiny floral bunches, and each guest’s name. We chose a rosy beige for the background, to match the burlap covering of our wedding table.

Your variation: If you’re a DIY bride, you can surely spot the possibilities for this design! You can use

  • – card stock cut and folded tent card style
  • – actual lace ribbon or even the edges of paper doilies trimmed to fit
  • – little floral appliques available at craft stores or tiny fresh flowers like asters or baby’s breath (gypsophila)
  • – hand calligraphy for the names

French Vineyard

French Vineyard Wedding Place Card Settings

Our inspiration: Of course, this vineyard set called for French touches in the cards. So we used fancy scrolled borders and addressed each guest as “Madame,” “Mademoiselle,” and “Monsieur.” Then, for the card base, a prettily wrapped French baguette!

Your variation: A DIY take on these cards could be

  • – a grapevine border to capture the vineyard theme
  • – handwritten names with their respective French titles
  • – notches cut into the baguettes themselves to hold the cards in place
  • – other French treats to prop up the cards: croissants, macarons, or madeleines
  • – cards mounted on sticks but using mini wine bottle replicas as bases

Summer Flower Garden

Summer Flower Garden Wedding in Pink Florals

Our inspiration: The irresistible charms of a flower-filled garden allowed us to keep our cards simple for this set. We used white card stock, calligraphy in soft blue ink, and a glittery gold border. Then, we tucked each one into a lovely rose flowerpot card holder (which also doubled as a favor!).

Your variation: To keep the entire table ‘garden fresh,’ you may also opt to vary the cards in these ways

  • – create your own flower arrangements in petite clay pots or vases, and prop up the cards in them using wooden skewers or dowels
  • – place a single bloom on each plate, and tie the card on with a pretty ribbon
  • – change up the entire color scheme to a ‘summer heat’ motif in hot orange, fuchsia, and golden yellow—and bring in the flowers and cards to match!

Parisian Chic

Parisian Chic Wedding Place Card Inspiration

Our inspiration: For this ever-popular Parisian theme,  we used our own silver place card frames with an intertwined scrolled border as the focal point—and as guest gifts, too! Tucked inside were simple name cards printed in gold ink, plus a single pink carnation as a sweet accent.

Your variation: Depending on the overall look of your table setting, the possibilities for Parisian-themed props for your place cards can vary from fun to fashionable!

  • – miniature designer bags inspired by Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, or Yves Saint Laurent
  • – fancy vintage perfume bottles
  • – tiny French poodles made of glass or silver
  • – the cards themselves can have quotations printed on them from Coco Chanel, or lyrics from French love songs

Trendy Red and Black

Vintage red and black wedding place card settings

Our inspiration: Now, these aren’t place cards per se. But they’re a cool alternative that we used for our red-and-black Valentine’s set. We had a supplier print names on clear decals which we then attached to the backs of those trendy acrylic ‘ghost chairs.’

Your variation: You could think of creative ways to get a similar effect even with different materials and chairs.

  • – print your guests’ names in a fancy font with an artistic border onto clear acetate sheets; cut these out and hang them with ribbon from the chair backs (see our cameo place cards tutorial)
  • – print the names and graphics onto clear or metallic-finish stickers; attach these to 4 inch-wide ribbon and create a sleek band around each chair back

We hope these ideas have gotten you all excited to complete your table settings with the perfect place cards. All the best for your summer wedding!

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