Turn Tea Cups into Vintage Party Decorations and Favors

Tea party

Tea cups have such a nostalgic feel to them! The delicacy of fine porcelain, the charm of dainty floral patterns, the elegance of gilt edging. Fond memories immediately come to mind—your grandmother enjoying her daily cup of tea, your mother carefully setting out her prized tea service for Thanksgiving, you and your childhood friends “playing tea party” with your own toy cups and saucers. Bring that same warm and intimate ambiance to a vintage-inspired bridal shower tea by setting out the prettiest tea cups—not just to serve tea in, but as part of the table décor all the way to the party favors for guests.

Fill Tea Cup Favors with Petite Tea Treats

Vintage tea cups as holders for jordan almonds wrapped in pink organza.

As guests arrive at your bridal shower tea party, welcome them to their seats with tea cups holding an enticing bundle wrapped in soft pink fabric packaging and marked with lovely handmade place cards. Inside are petite sweets, like these Jordan almonds, for them to enjoy as they chat with the other guests before the party begins or to keep as an after-dinner treat. You may also place other confections appropriate for a tea party such as buttermints, toffee candies, or nougat.

Create Surprising Tea Cup Arrangements

Tea cup favors resting on tea place settings.

You can also use tea cups as unlikely, but definitely attractive, holders for your guest favors. Fill a woven, heart-shaped box with tea goodies such as powdered lemon cookies, encase it in pretty packaging, then stand it up in a tea cup at each place setting. Our table display here is a Marie Antoinette-inspired tablescape. But you could use tea cups in the same way at an English country-style tea party or a garden bridal shower.

Incorporate Small Details Teeming with Charm

Dainty heart-shaped sugar cubes make wonderful tea favors.

Often, it’s the little unexpected touches that truly delight! Think of charming details for your tea cups like: tying a sweet bow to each tea bag, setting out decorative sugar cubes in lovely shapes and colors, or having tiny biscuits or petit fours garnish each cup. Such attention to detail will surely make this a memorable occasion for all! Then as a lovely tea party favor, place decorative sugar cubes, some tea packets, and buttery biscuits in tulle favor bags for guests to enjoy. Alternatively, you can place these items in a vintage sachet favor bag like the one below:

Vintage-rose sachet bags for a bridal shower tea party

Other great tea cup favor ideas that you can try:

1. Have a fragrant flower rest over the cup’s rim for a colorful, spring tea party with a quaint Victorian-inspired theme.

2. Tuck a scrolled message tied with a ribbon inside the cup. Hint: The message can be a personalized greeting based on the theme of the event. For tea party theme ideas, check out Tea Party Themes That Make Tea Time a Delight.

3. Personalize each cup with a different favor for each guest and then let the cups double up as place card holders.

4. For a fun gathering with a “Mad Hatter tea party” theme, try using mismatched tea cups in various designs for a whimsical display and then let each guest take a cup home as a favor.

5. Give decorative, vintage teaspoons as favors for guests. Add a beautiful tag and present them in elegant embroidered gift bags by resting them on each tea cup display.


  1. Could you tell me the name of the tea cup china pattern? It is just lovely!

  2. You may want to check Victorian rose china, blue floral china, or even some of the china patterns from makers such as Royal Albert, Royal Doulton, or Wedgewood.

  3. Sure! The brand name of tea cups is Aiyo China, Made in Occupied Japan.

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