A Fall-inspired Candle Centerpiece: Handmade and Heartwarming!

Candle project centerpiece

For a festive autumn bridal shower party, there’s nothing quite like candles to set the mood. Just imagine walking into a cozy cabin with scents of apple pie and cinnamon in the air! That’s the ambiance we offer you with these ideas for making your own candle centerpieces with a rustic yet elegant feel. Using just a few natural elements—probably available right in your garden and kitchen—plus some craft materials and recycled items, we’ve concocted these budget-friendly ideas for making your tables glow in style. Just see what we’ve done, then craft your own!

Materials For the Project

1. Old mason jars or glass bottles – 4 or 5 pcs.
2. Floating candles – 1 per jar or bottle
3. Food coloring – various colors
4. A wreath – make your own or use one you already have
5. Autumn-inspired accents – pine cones, dried red pepper berries, burlap, raffia twine, and the like

Just Add “Assembly Skills”

Floating candles in jars for fall centerpiece

Believe it or not, no crafting talent is needed to make a centerpiece like this one. Using our photos as inspiration, simply assemble the different materials in your own way—following 4 basic steps:

Step 1 – Fill the jars with water and add a few drops of different food coloring in each one. Aim for fall hues, like orange, burgundy, golden yellow, deep green, and purple, in keeping with the autumn theme.

Step 2 – Position the jars where you intend the centerpiece to be at your party. Surround them with the wreath—ours is nothing more than a ring of twisted raffia twine!

Step 3 – Dress up the wreath with the accents you’ve prepared. Keep the look natural, rustic, and casual.

Step 4 – Light the floating candles and carefully lower them into the jars. Hint: Do this just before your guests arrive! And for easy handling, use a pair of kitchen tongs to lower the lighted candles through the jar openings.

Other Elements for a Fall-themed Centerpiece

Besides the items we’ve mentioned above, lovely candle centerpieces to decorate the tables during fall can be crafted using the following materials:

1. Leaves – Gather these from your backyard in the fall. Then, simply attach a leaf cluster to each candle holder, which can be empty jars or little votives. Arrange these in a wooden tray or woven basket filled with items such as gourds, fall flowers in pretty yellow, orange, and red hues (e.g., dahlias), and brown cinnamon sticks. And for a touch of brilliant color, add some red pepper berries, apples, or miniature pumpkins.

2. Herbs – Using shapely herbs, you can instantly make a centerpiece inspired by the look of an autumn garden. Decorate little glass votives—or any similar container that can hold either a tealight or votive candle—with sprigs of lavender, rosemary, or bay leaves. You can use a glue gun or tie these herbs in place with ribbons made of natural fibers. Rest the entire display on a plate charger made of wood, bamboo, rattan, or pandan.

3. Fruits, Nuts, and Candies – Turn different-sized pumpkins into whimsical candle holders. Decorate them by painting their bases with some gold glitter, and stand a pillar or taper candle in each pumpkin. Then, surround the grouping with fall-inspired edibles—fruits such as pomegranates, grapes, and pears; nuts like walnuts, chestnuts, and cashews; and even candies in hues of red, yellow, and orange.


  1. I can’t believe that such lovely centerpiece ideas can be so simple to make! The way you’ve presented the assembly process–and even what materials to use–really makes me realize that I can do something this fabulous myself. Thank you & kudos!


  3. Congratulations! Make centerpiece wreaths with hurricane candles placed in the center. Decorate your wreaths with fall foliage and fruits such as clementines, apples, and pears. You can even embellish the arrangement with walnuts, acorns, and pinecones. Depending on your color scheme, you may also want to use rich fabrics such as velvet ribbons to complement your candle decor.

  4. Thanks a lot, Kayla! Sure, we’ll check out your DIY’ers post and see how we could link up! Thanks for the invite. 🙂

  5. This is beautiful… What an easy and inexpensive way to create a wonderful centerpiece. Thank you so much for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  6. Hi Cathy! We’re glad to see you stop by the blog. See you on “Share It One More Time” soon.

  7. Love the food coloring with the floating candles. You could do this for any holiday or special event. The orange and yellow are especially nice!! Thanks for stopping by Merry Monday! Pinned.

  8. Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth! So right…this project can be modified to suit different seasons and occasions. We’ll be linking up to Merry Monday again soon!

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