DIY Wedding Wish Trees: Themes for Every Season!

Themed Wedding Wish Trees by Bellenza

“When you wish upon a….tree?” Yes, that’s exactly what’s happening at many a wedding these days. Wedding wish trees in different creative forms are sprouting up in place of the traditional wedding guest book. So newlyweds are now going home not with pages of well wishes and greetings, but with leaves or stars or even icicles depending on the season! Check out these creative ideas from 4 of our own styled wedding sets with different themes.

Fall: The Perfect Season for a Leafy Tree

Fall Wedding Wish Tree from Bellenza

For obvious reasons, a tree makes a fitting alternative guest book for an autumn wedding. You could use actual bare branches gathered from your own backyard and positioned in a large pot weighted down with stones. Or you could do as we did. We simply made cutouts of a tree trunk and branches and mounted these on a framed cork board via Amazon. Then, we prepared card cutouts in the shape of maple leaves, so guests could easily pin on their greetings! (For a DIY tutorial on this fall wish tree, go here.)

Spring and Summer: Trees Abloom with Greetings

Spring-inspired wedding wish tree from Bellenza

Come spring and summer, trees would again make a lovely option for displaying guest wishes. Here, we created a whimsical frame out of copper wire, bent and curved into graceful curlicues. One option was to use it for a springtime wedding reception, with green leaf cutouts as tiny cards (see tutorial here).

Starry-inspired wedding wish tree from Bellenza

The other was to transform the same tree frame into a magical wishing stand for an Arabian Nights or a Starry Nights theme. This time, star-shaped cards were used for guests to write out their greetings. For a garden theme, you could even substitute flower or butterfly-shaped cards!

Winter: Icicle Cards for Warm Wishes

Icicle Cards for Warm Wishes on Wedding Wish Tree by Bellenza

For a wintertime wedding, a snow-covered tree with glittery icicle cards would be quite a sight! But wait, snow? Sure! We have a fun way of creating faux snow (tutorial to follow soon*), so you can simulate a wintry scene wherever you may be! Use this to decorate some bare branches via Amazon, along with strands of clear crystal beads for added sparkle. Then, prepare silver icicle-shaped cards for guests to write their warmest wishes on.

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  1. These are such a good idea! I have a niece getting married next year…perhaps we will add one of these for her bridal shower!

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