How to Make Your Own Beach Wedding Place Cards!

Beach Wedding Place Cards!

In styling your wedding table settings, it’s actually the little things that contribute to the overall impact. Take a beach-themed reception, for instance. The attention to details like the place cards by each guest’s plate can truly bring the seaside look to life—using shells, little starfish, pearls, sea glass, even sand. Need a bit of inspiration? In this post, we’ve put together 5 creative place card ideas from our different beach wedding tablescapes. You could choose from these to DIY or, better yet, design your own!

5 Sea-inspired Place Card Ideas for a Beach Wedding

IDEA #1: Seashell clusters holding sand-covered cards
Seashell clusters holding sand-covered cards

Just as you would do with glitter, sprinkle sand onto cards coated with glue. Once dry, form the guests’ names out of dry straw strips. Then, hold each card in place on the table with a cluster of seashells glued together. Hint: These could be taken home afterwards by guests to be used as quaint paperweights!

IDEA #2: Star cutout name cards propped up by mini baskets of seashells

Star cutout name cards propped up by mini baskets of seashells for making homemade beach-inspired place cards

Create a beach-inspired vignette atop each place setting! Group together a star-shaped name card, a petite basket filled with assorted shells, and a DIY hand fan in the shape of a conch shell. Alongside, set out tea lights on seashell dishes for a magical glow!

IDEA #3: Life-preserver cards with pearl-embellished decorations

Life-preserver cards with pearl-embellished decorations

Combine cutesy life-preserver place cards with elegant faux pearl elements. For each place setting, tuck sweet treats into a favor bag with a handle of tiny pearls and create a “charger” of faux pearl strands underneath each plate. Then, continue the pearl accents in lovely pearl candle accents.

IDEA #4: “Pearls in oysters” place cards

Pearls in oysters place cards. DIY beach themed place card ideas.

Collect bi-valve type seashells on visits to the beach or purchase them from a nautical store. Then, transform them into whimsical place cards for your wedding! Simply pull apart the 2 sections of each shell and write your guests’ names on each half. Complete the look of an oyster by gluing on a faux pearl!

IDEA #5: “Seaweed” name cards in seashell place card holders

Seaweed cut-outs of name cards in seashell place card holders

Here’s a clever semi-DIY, using beautifully hand-crafted seashell place card holders. Instead of placing the conventional type of place cards, why not craft unique ones resembling seaweed out of green paper and palm leaves? Go here for more seashell favor inspiration.

Other creative ideas for making your own beach-inspired place cards!

  1. Use sand dollars and label them with guest’s names using a gold marker.
  2. Get an assortment of beach rocks in various shapes and colors such as white quartz, polished stones, and large flat-like rocks.
  3. Make paper sail boats using construction paper in various beach-inspired hues.

There you have them: 5 sea-worthy and stylish ideas for presenting place cards at your beach-themed wedding!

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  1. Such lovely ideas! We live near the beach and all of these would be a great addition to a beach party! Cool post!

  2. Mary-the boondocks blog

    These are all such great and creative ideas to make individualized place cards so that the wedding couple will feel special. The perfect ideas for Sweet Inspiration.

  3. Hi Kim! We’re thrilled that you like our place card ideas. Thanks so much for letting us know!

  4. Hi, Mary (The Boondocks Blog)! Thanks so much for stopping by. Making DIY place cards with beach-themed materials is a blast. It can even be planned as a bridal shower activity for the bride’s friends and family to make these!

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