Stylish Ways on How to Decorate Tables with Candles

Tips on how to decorate with candles

Want to decorate like a pro without going to design school? Well, here are four easy and fun ways to spice up your table’s candle decorations. We provide you with tips on how to turn simple containers and vases into spectacular table pieces using decor accents ranging from leaves to water. Then, add your own unique spin by tweaking the decor based on your event’s colors or theme. What are you waiting for? Here are the simple yet stylish techniques:

Use Earthware Bowls Topped with Organic Elements

Zen-like candle accents

Tip #1: Set a whole zen mood for a table with an organic theme. And what better way to capture that ambiance than with simple, white candles displayed in earthenware bowls? Alongside, create miniature ponds with floating origami lotus blossoms, decorated with bamboo sticks and leaf fronds.

Place Floating Candles in Goblets

Floating candles in wine goblets

Tip #2: Get everyone all starry eyed at a glamorous Hollywood-themed party! With sparkly sequins scattered on the table, add to the glitter with oval floating candles in water-filled sorbet glasses. Then, rest the goblets on colorful star-shaped coasters.

Get Lace Lined Glass Cylinders and Spread the Petals

Hurricane glass vases wrapped in lace

Tip #3: For a truly romantic scene, you can’t go wrong with a French country-style table setting. Create an utterly dreamy atmosphere with a centerpiece of glistening hurricane glass vases (i.e., lace luminaries) wrapped in dainty lace (see the tutorial), surrounded by fan-folded napkins, ruffled ribbons, and loose rose petals. Just gorgeous!

Use Varied Sizes of Square Glass Vases

Candles in colored water

Tip #4: Usher your guests into an “Arabian Nights” world with this exotic welcome table centerpiece. Use tablecloth with embroidery and sequins. Float candles in a grouping of tall square glass vases, flanked by white candles on pearl rimmed candle plates. “Welcome to the kasbah” indeed!

Now, are you ready to decorate like a pro? Have fun and don’t be afraid to experiment with various elements!


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