Ramen Bars: Ready to Rock Your Wedding Food?

Ramen bar wedding ideas

We’ve featured some pretty unique wedding food station ideas over the years. From popular pizza stations and burger buffets, all the way to boba (bubble tea) bars! Now, for your upcoming fall wedding, how does a Ramen Bar with piping hot, noodle-filled bowls of broth sound to you? And your guests get to enjoy the “build your own bowl” experience!

We’ve gathered Ramen Bar setup inspiration for you to give it a try—including some cool DIY options. Plus caterers or vendors you can order from in the LA area, and our picks of ramen serving essentials. You’ll be ready to rock your wedding food with ramen! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Inspiration for a Ramen Bar Setup + DIY Ideas

Palm Event Center Ramen

This modern Ramen Bar setup at the Palm Event Center (1) makes wonderful use of wood surfaces and signage (very Japanese, don’t you think?). Guests will have no trouble figuring out the ramen-building process and the yummy options for the bowl, broth, and toppings!

Crunchy Ramen Noodle Salad

A handy serving option is shown in this example from Eatertainment (via Bizbash), where the ingredients for a Crunchy Ramen Noodle Salad (2) are all apportioned and ready to enjoy. You could borrow this idea for traditional ramen bowls. Just add the broth!

Ramen Bar by Itani

A true “build your own bowl” ramen experience is presented in this spread we found on Itani Ramen Catering. They offer an amazing array of ingredients like these in their Ramen Bar (3) that promises “superior slurping”!

Los Angeles Caterers who Offer Ramen

shinsengumi ramen los angeles

The Shin-Sen-Gumi chain—with 13 branches around California plus 1 in Tokyo—proudly offers its Hakata ramen, (4) that combines tonkotsu (pork bone) broth with noodles and a variety of toppings all made in-house. Ideally paired with hitokuchi gyoza (bite-sized dumplings).

Slurpin’ Ramen Bar

Another L.A. caterer to consider is Slurpin’ Ramen Bar. You can easily order online to offer your guests a ramen spread (5) as enticingly colorful and filling as this!

“Signature Shake Ramen”

Even casual weddings can include the ramen experience with no fuss. Check out this fun “Signature Shake Ramen” (6) that provides glasses-to-go of ramen ingredients, courtesy of Shake Ramen—with delivery right to your venue within Los Angeles and Orange County

DIY Options for a Ramen Bar at Your Reception

Now, if you’re up to the challenge of setting up your Ramen Bar yourselves, we found help for that, too! These range from machine-aided options to good old-fashioned chopping, slicing, and boiling by at-home hosts. The results will be just as delicious!

Build Your Own Ramen Bowl Party post, courtesy of The Kitchentusiast (Kitchen Aid blog)

This Build Your Own Ramen Bowl Party post, courtesy of The Kitchentusiast (Kitchen Aid blog), would be perfect for a fall wedding! You can proudly include your Kitchen Aid Slow Cooker to keep the broth and noodles piping hot alongside this inviting spread of meat, veggie, and egg toppings.

Ramen Night post by The Life of Hardip Lee

For an intimate at-home reception, this Ramen Night post by The Life of Hardip Lee shows how simple can be heartwarming—just as ramen is meant to be!

Photo via Early Morning Farm

Early Morning Farm offers up great tips for hosting a Ramen Party (or reception), using ready-to-use ramen stock, ramen noodles, pork shoulder, and pretty fresh vegetables.And in case you need help with what condiments to serve, think sriracha or chili sauce and check your local Asian Market for items like menma (fermented bamboo), sesame seeds or shichimi, shoyu or tamari soy sauce.

Ramen Bar Essentials / Supplies

To help you get that authentic look of Japan, online sources have amazing selections of serve ware that you can use over and over for Asian-themed entertaining in your new home—a Hibachi BBQ Party perhaps? A ramen bar would be a perfect option for an Asian bridal shower or cherry blossom themed weddning as well!

Here are the serve ware basics we picked for you from Amazon.

Japanese pattern blue soup bowls

1 – 20-Ounce Deep Bowls,Assorted Blue White Patterns (Set of 4)

Disposable wooden chopsticks

2 – Disposable Chopsticks, 9″ Japanese Style Sleeved (Pack of 100 pair)

Japanese pattern napkins in blue

3 – Paper Napkins Japanese Pattern 13”x13″ (20 count)

Half moon place mats

4 – Japanese Lacquer Ware Reversible Placemat: Half Moon -L / 15.3 inch (2 piece set)

Suggested List of Soups and Toppings

From vegetarian to meat-based broth, here are the 4 main types:

  1. Shoyu ramen – a combination of soy sauce and mirin
  2. Miso ramen – broth that is made of miso paste and chicken broth
  3. Tonkotsu ramen – a rich and creamy broth that is based on pork bones
  4. Shio ramen – a clear broth with a flavorful salt taste

Your choice of toppings are limitless, but here are the most popular options:

  1. Tamago or egg
  2. Bamboo shoots
  3. Seaweed
  4. Mushrooms
  5. Meat (e.g., chicken or chashu pork)
  6. Scallions
  7. Bean sprouts

You may also include condiments such as chili oil, Japanese hot pepper (shichimi togarash), and pickes (tsukemono).



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