Learn How to Glam Up Your Gifts with Artsy Packaging

Artsy gift packaging

Looking for something unique and budget-friendly to present as gifts to friends and family at your engagement party? The secret is to give gifts that are meaningful to you as a couple, but not necessarily luxurious or costly. Then, present these in truly stylish packaging with a touch of glam that you’ve crafted yourself! The effort and attention to detail will say just as much as the thoughtful gifts inside.

For Materials: Think Unconventional, Artistic, and Glam!

The budget-friendly (and fun) part comes in the form of materials and embellishments that you have right at home or can easily find at a crafts store or flea market. The “wow factor” comes with your own creativity…and a little inspiration from our packaging tips below!

Tip #1 Find ready-to-use fabric wraps – Wrapping with fabric immediately says “special.” Look around the house for extra fabric in luxurious textures and finishes (silk, organza, chiffon, brocade, lace) to add even more glam to your gifts. Don’t overlook old scarves, bandanas, and handkerchiefs either. Hint: To make the fancy lace embellishment (picture on left), we wrapped a candle using a 17” organza fabric, a wide strip of lace fabric, and a bow made from two different strips of fabric. Then we attached a simple three-pearl brooch to complete the bow using a glue gun. Alternatively, you can also make a simple yet stylish presentation with just the fabric alone (picture on right).

Tip #2 “Take a bow”
– Fabulous-looking bows can be a challenge to make. So why not take some…maybe from your dresser? Men’s ties, bow ties, a little girl’s hair ribbon, a silk sash, even a ponytail scrunchy in satin or velvet.

Tip #3 – Try jewelry – See if you can spare an old brooch, decorative pin, bracelet, earring, or faux pearl necklace. Whether nestled in the gift ribbon or draped down the side of the box, glittering accents like these always make a present stand out.

Tip #4 – Add charms – For a touch of whimsy, humor, or sentiment to match the gift inside, why not improvise your own “gift charms”? These could be key chain charms, fancy buttons, quirky souvenir items, or personal mementos—even edible charms made of candy bunched up in tiny tulle pouches.

Tip #5 Recycle – If it’s a more down-home, warm, and comfy look you want, recycle fabrics from old frilly blouses, children’s dresses, or drapery scraps into your basic wraps. And if the party theme calls for it, even old newspapers, magazines, calendars, or brown paper bags can provide truly creative packaging.

For Wrapping Techniques: Think Wow!

Now, how do you go from “found” packaging materials to fabulous looking presents? As our photos above show, the magic lies in little wrapping techniques that spell packaging pizzazz:

– Ruffle, gather, or pleat your fabric wraps, rather than just laying them flat against the gift box or bottle. Hint: Use a glue gun or glue dots at random on the package to hold the fabric in place with the desired effect.

– Layer different materials for a rich look. Try, for instance, delicate lace over shimmering satin, tulle around silk, or sheer organza over brocade.

– Mix and match colors to create a real treat for the eyes, while still complementing your party’s motif.

– Go over the top, just this once! Use a sash, bow tie, hair ribbon, and a string of pearls all on one package. Your special guests at this occasion deserve it.


  1. What kind of fabric did you use on the gift box in the picture?

  2. We used satin, but you can also try velvet, organza, or even silk. Be sure that the fabric is not too thin or you won’t get that “crumpled” look.


  3. I am having aTapas & Sangria party for my daughter Bridal Bridal Shower, and I am giving a Tapas book as a favor. The book is kind of big (6×8). What’s the best way to present it so that it can look fancy? The colors of the party are Red & Gold. I got a lot of ideas out of this website for the decorations, I am using the red flowers for decorating the chairs. Thanks for your help.


  4. That’s a really great idea! I would present the book either with a pretty book band made from attractive wrapping paper or you may even use a lovely fabric like tulle, velvet, or organza. You can wrap the books with this band (think of placing the band around the center of each book like a sleeve). And then attach a favor tag that looks like a book plate! These can then be personalized with the date of the bridal shower and the name of your daughter. Since your colors are gold and red, another option is to find a bright red ribbon about 1-2″ inches wide and wrapping it around the book like a band as well. This option looks glamorous and is very easy to do. You can place an elegant flower or similar accent to finish the presentation.

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