Engagement Party Favors That Delight the Senses!

Engagement Party Favor ideas for the senses

Looking for a creative approach to the favors at your engagement dinner party? The possibilities may surprise you when you consider the five senses. Whether you and your fiancé are attracted to the many delightful scents out there or you’re very tactile and sensual individuals, think of gift ideas that express who you are as a couple. So, think beyond the ordinary and give something truly special to say “thank you” to your guests.

Let Our Ideas Below Start You Off In The Right Direction:

Items featured above: 1. candles wrapped in organza, 2. seashell frame, 3. mini flowerpot of fabric roses, 4. fabric-wrapped flower arrangement (17″ wraps), 5. pomander favor bag, 6. woven gift box, 7. tulle favor purse, 8. embroidered organza pouch

Captivate with Color – SIGHT

Let the brilliance of color be your guide for favors that are meant to truly catch the eye. Do bright colors with jeweled accents strike your fancy? Or does gold bring in that touch of glamour and sophistication you want? How about a shade of pink? You can either set a feminine tone with favors in powder pink or a sassy flair with packaging in fuchsia. Here are some of our own eye-catching ideas:

1. Candles wrapped in shimmering fabric circles in multiple colors

2. A seashell frame made with an assortment of miniature shells

3. Romantic pink flower pots that ring in the feel of a lovely rose garden in the summer

Sooth or Invigorate the Spirit – SMELL

Close your eyes and imagine your favorite aroma for a second. Do you love the scent of lavender and sage to calm and relax you, or do you prefer the perkiness of mint to liven up the senses? When you think of your favorite foods, does the rich aroma of coffee come to mind, or the spicy sweetness of cinnamon and vanilla? Try some of our own fragrant favor ideas:

4. Fresh cut roses in organza-wrapped vases (see an example)

5. Potpourri infused with a special oil and presented in pretty sachets

More scented favor options: aromatic incense sticks, massage oils, and scented lotions. You can choose these in calming fragrances such as lavender, lemon verbena, or sandalwood. Or you can give invigorating scents, like ylang ylang, jasmine, orange-infused ginger, mint, or eucalyptus.

Give Sweet and Savory Treats – TASTE

Yummy treats are always welcome! You can give your own homemade specialty or buy something sweet or savory from a food store. The key is to choose what pleases your own palette or has a special meaning for you as a couple. Are chocolate truffles infused with a cappuccino ganache enough to entice you? Or if that’s too exotic, then perhaps you’d prefer good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies or some extra-fudgey brownies. Or would French sweets such as nougat, calissons, or Macaron de Paris remind you of a special holiday in France? Take a tip from our own edible favor ideas in the prettiest packaging:

6. Good old-fashioned chocolate pretzels in a heart-shaped woven box

7. Saltwater taffy in a tulle purse favor bag

8. Macaron de Paris in an embroidered sachet

Present “Feel Good” Gifts – TOUCH

Gift items that are pleasing to the touch are great, too. A luxurious silk handkerchief, for instance, can make an elegant pocket accessory or purse adornment. A bracelet of meditation beads or a sachet of meditation stones can remind your guests to take a few minutes to relax once in a while. Or you can give each one a stress ball to keep handy on a desk for those frenzied days!

Give Music to the Ears – HEARING

Let’s not forget the magic of sound. Truly unique favors would be those that capture the sounds that are not only lovely to hear, but meaningful to you as well. Want some musical gift ideas? Why not consider the charm of wind chimes in a material that matches your theme? Or the playfulness of mini maracas for a Mexican or Caribbean-inspired party? Whimsical talking key chains can be fun tokens for a gathering of close friends and family, while little bamboo flutes would be quaint keepsakes for a luau-themed engagement dinner.

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  1. susie (bride 2010 june)

    I am a tactile person. So, as favors, I am giving my guests little cashmere pillows embroidered with our monogram and date of the wedding. Just thought I’d share this idea with your readers!

  2. I just adore the idea of giving favors that not only have a practical use, but one that will make guests feel different. So, with this in mind, I’m giving everyone stress balls! After all, everyone can use a little bit less stress in life!

  3. At my upcoming engagement party this summer, we are giving out Mexican wedding cookies. These will be packaged in brown paper bags that will have a label, which we plan to make ourselves. The labels will say “something special from the soon to-be mr. and mrs.”

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