Fun and Preppy Bridal Shower Favors

Preppy party favors

At a preppy-themed bridal shower, the fun doesn’t stop with the eye-catching table decorations and the guests’ ’60s-style attire*. Extend the shower’s pink-and-green look to favors and favor packaging too delightful to resist. Take it all the way to the party’s food and beverages, making them look as scrumptious as they taste. And to showcase all these, assemble a stunning presentation table that displays the guests’ gifts and an array of prettily packaged favors for all to admire. With this attention to detail and style, shower guests will feel truly special as they depart with preppy-pretty mementos—and fond memories—of this fun gathering. » Click to view slideshow

Set Up a Lovely Favor and Gift Table

Preppy party favor
Miniature flowerpots of pink roses line a tiered rack, creating a gorgeous focal point for the favor and gift presentation table.

Who doesn’t love pretty flowerpots filled with pink roses? Give these as delightful favors that suit the party’s preppy style perfectly. For a more exciting treatment, arrange them on a tiered rack to form a towering favor centerpiece. Adorn it with mint green ribbons swirling elegantly down from the top of the centerpiece to its base.

This can then serve as a stunning focal point for a combined favor-and-gift presentation table at the shower. For added flair, have the table rolled to the center of the venue come time for guests to take home their favors.

*Check out more of these playfully innovative ideas in Go Preppy For an Ultra-pretty Bridal Shower.

Offer Edible Decor Elements in Pink and Green

Think of decor items that are high on appeal yet flavorful as well. The key is to find food items and beverages within the same hues as the chosen color palette. Freshly-baked cupcakes and cookies frosted in pink and green icing are an easy choice. Italian spumoni would be another, with its popular cherry and pistachio flavors matching the color scheme perfectly; as would scoops of strawberry and mint ice cream served in cones wrapped in patterned or colored paper. Even drinks, such as pink soda or lemonade garnished with a slice of lime or pink martinis garnished with green olives, would make great additions to the party fare. » Click to view slideshow

Kiss Guests Goodbye With a Sweet Thank You

Capiz basket with candy
Pink and green candies in tiny, pink-tinged capiz baskets make enticing edible favors.

In the edible favor department, think sweet, colorful, and of course, preppy! Make candy the main attraction at this party. Choose candy varieties in different tints of pink and green, or in monochromatic shades. The essential thing is to prepare favors that echo the fun color scheme. For instance, give pink and green candies in pretty pink-tinged capiz favor baskets and attach a favor tag with a message such as “Many Sweet Thanks.” When displaying these baskets as part of the place settings, nestle an escort card against the basket’s handle and finish the look with a dainty pink or green bow. Or opt for a festive presentation by displaying them all together on a favor table decorated with ribbons and sugar rose petals.

Chocolates wrapped in powder pink organza circles make easy favors to assemble and give at this party. Display them in woven hand baskets set on the reception or guest book table for arriving guests to admire. Other options would be to present them as part of each place setting or in small groupings on the favor presentation table. The same holds true for ultra-feminine fabric bags in pink and white, containing petite mints and candies.

Preppy Can Be Pretty (and Yummy!)

Party fare and favors that are all dressed up in pink-and-green serve double duty as stylish decor elements for a preppy-themed bridal shower. By imparting a carefree and feminine look to the scene, they promise a fun time for all.

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  1. I just love the cute pink wraps! What kind of chocolates did you use to put inside them? Do you have any other ideas on what I can put inside the wraps?

  2. Hi Liz,

    Thank-you for your comment on Planet Pink n’ Green. Girl, you a have a fabulous blog site. It’s colorful and full of great information. Just makes me want to eat it. Delicious.

    Best Regards,
    Cheryl Janis, Planet Pink n’ Green,

  3. Pls i’m getting married this year nov and i’m not sure of the colour yet. My gown is white, for groom is black or blue black he has not decide. The colour i had in mind is fuchsia, silver, and green as my third colour. I don’t know if those three colour mach each order. I’m not also sure how to combine it for brides maid, maide of honour and groom men. Or any oda colour u can suggest. Pls save me out of this mess. I need ur suggestion urgently. I will appreciate it pls. Thanx

  4. I am getting married ds year.october and d color on my mind are green and lemon.or is there any colour you can choose for me.pls help me out am tired.even dnt knw how 2 combine colours for my coffettis and others.

  5. Hi Temmy — Since your October wedding will already be in the fall season, perhaps green and lemon wouldn’t be the best color choices for that time of year.

    Since Tango Tangerine was forecast to be 2012’s “color of the year,” you might want to consider an all-ivory wedding with bright pops of orange? Or if you like something more muted, peach and sage green would also be nice for fall. Then, your confetti toss could be peach petals. Hope this helps! 🙂

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