How To Organize A Favor Wrapping Party

Favor wrapping party

You have to prepare your reception’s favors and it’s two weeks before the big day. What do you do? Panic? No, you put on a favor wrapping party! After all, planning a wedding even at the last-minute should still be fun. Who do you invite as your “lucky” helpers? Think 5! Five of your closest friends and family or bridal attendants!

The Party Plan

You have to wrap 300 favors and fill 12” organza fabrics with candy. When it comes to this task, here are the best ways to approach the job:

1. Have a time frame – When performing such a large undertaking, it is a good idea to let the troops know how long the task will take. For 300 favors, you are probably looking at at least 3-4 hours. So, it’s going to be a long night or afternoon.

2. Get the candy – Be sure to have the candy set in large containers or bowls. Have serving cups or measuring cups handy so that you know exactly how much candy to give per guest. For filling ideas, see our candy palette above. Hint: It is best to use one kind of candy, which simplifies the whole task. But if you do decide to a variety of edible items, then be sure to pre-mix them so that it is easier to measure and wrap.

3. Count and measure – Determine how much candy to give each guest. For example, if you decide that each guest should get ¾ cup of goodies, then be sure to measure this amount properly. In this way, you don’t run short of candy. Hint: for a 12” organza circle, it is best to put 9-12 pieces of Jordan almonds per wrap. You may also want to place the candies in a cello bag or tissue wrapping before putting them into each wrap.

4. Think assembly line – Assign tasks to each person involved. For example, you can have one person in charge of measuring the candy, another can do the actual wrapping, another can do the primping and prettying, and another can attach the custom tags to each favor. The fifth member of the group can be assigned to count and collect the completed favors, and to keep track of everyone’s progress.

5. Make it fun and filling – Since this is really a labor of love, make the “party” fun for everyone. Order some nice takeout food such as lobster salad sandwiches, mini burgers, wood-fired pizza, and tons of finger foods such as buffalo wings, potstickers, crab puff pastry, and calamari. Serve heaping containers of fresh popcorn and gourmet chips. Be sure to have some tasty dips such as dill and blue cheese at hand, too. For drinks, serve something refreshing such as citrus-based drinks. Some coffee wouldn’t hurt either. Make it flavorful by preparing iced coffee drinks infused with syrup like vanilla or amaretto.


  1. This is lovely! It’s definitely a cool thing to plan.

  2. I love those aqua wraps! Will be using them as my tea party favors. Each guest will receive a small tea cup that will have chocolates inside. The wraps should look pretty to present them. Cheers!

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