Give Bridal Shower Favors a Dash of Lavender

Lavender seems custom-made for a bridal shower, particularly for one that doubles as an intimate spa and tea party. Its scent is both invigorating and soothing, while its color conveys pure femininity. Both these qualities–as well as its flavor–present delightful ideas for shower favors infused with the essence of this special herb.

Delight Guests with Something Fragrant

Potpourri presented in a woven purple box serves as an aromatic bridal shower favor.

A simple sprig presented in a delicate silk bag is by far the easiest way to incorporate lavender as something unique and special for guests. A purple woven box can also be filled with potpourri or bags of calming tea. At the end of the party, delight guests with freshly cut lavender bundles, each tied with a thank-you note on an elegant tag. A lavender sprig can also serve as a dainty embellishment on a gift box when it is tied together with a pretty raffia ribbon.

Give Away Lavender-Scented Spa Products

Have fun and prepare stylish spa gift bags filled with relaxing aromatherapy products.

With spa treatments and aromatherapy products being popular these days, thrill guests with spa products doubling up as favors for a bridal shower with a spa theme. Petite tubes of lavender may be placed in embroidered sachets with thank-you cards enclosed. Lavender shower gel and milk bath bottles may be wrapped in lilac organza, while scented bath salts and soaps would look extra special in floral pouches.

Less familiar than the lovely scent of lavender are its wide culinary possibilities. As a unique favor idea for a themed bridal shower party, select delectable treats infused with a dash of this fragrant herb. Present them in tasteful packaging for a delightful presentation.

Share Something with a Sweet Infusion

A bottle of honey infused with lavender looks stunning in a lilac-colored organza wrap with a thank-you tag.

In ancient Rome, lavender was used as a cooking herb for flavoring sweets and desserts. This is still done today for a variety of food items such as jam, honey, and sugar. These items are especially ideal for preparing favors at a shower tea party with a culinary or kitchen theme. For example, lavender-infused honey can be presented in a jar wrapped in fabric together with an accompanying card containing recipes for scones, cupcakes, or muffins. As a finishing touch, a “thank you” message from the newlyweds may also included.

Present Chocolate Treats with a Hint of Lavender

These porcelain keepsake boxes each hide a decadent treat, a lavender-infused chocolate truffle.

Chocolate truffles infused with lavender make uncommonly elegant favors, just right for a shower with a Provence-inspired theme. In keeping with this theme, tie fleur-de-lis inspired boxes individually with lilac ribbons. Finish each with a silver tag declaring “joie de vivre!” As another example, lavender-infused chocolate cupcakes can be presented in purple sinamay boxes decorated with a thistle-colored bow or a trio of pastel-colored fabric flowers. Do remember to use protective tissue or cellophane when presenting such goodies in the summer, while keeping them stored in a cool area at the event. Apart from these treats, baked cookies with lavender also make delicious favors.

Consider Cookies Baked with Lavender Buds

Pretty purses filled with special delights are a wonderful way to say “merci” for a theme inspired by the French countryside.

For a shower with a French countryside theme, Madeleine cookies or brownies baked with lavender buds make scrumptious treats for guests. These goodies can be placed in charming purses finished with a tag bearing a personalized greeting or a simple “merci.”

Lavender certainly makes a versatile element for a memorable bridal shower. Whether it is an ingredient in fragrances or beauty products, in sweets, chocolates, or baked treats, it lends itself perfectly as delightful favors. Add stylish packaging that plays up its elegant color and scent for a wonderful presentation. For more idea, check out our lavender-inspired inspiration board.

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