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Paint Chip Favor Ideas: Colorful and Creative!

Colorful paint chip notebooks

Who would’ve thought that paint chips could be transformed into something crafty and special to give as party keepsakes. Well, leave it to some real creative talents to do just that! Taking advantage of paint chips’ attractive colors and durable material, not only are they so pretty to look at, they’re practical too! Just what you’d like to surprise guests with. Come and take your pick!

Just See How Cool Paint Chips Can Be

Paint chip ideas in multiple colors of red, green, blue, and yellow

  1. What a delight to give your favors in these festive gift boxes! You can even mix up the colors of the lids and bottoms for even more charm. Eva Juliet shares these on her Mon Carnet blog (among other fab paint chip ideas), and provides the link to the full tutorial on How About Orange.
  2. Next up are paint chip coasters! The Crafty CPA provides a simple tutorial for covering tiles with a paint chip each, using several layers of Mod Podge to adhere the chip securely to the tile. A final coating of spray acrylic finishes the job. We love how useful these coasters would be as favors, plus you can DIY them to show off your crafting skills!
  3. Mini notebooks with paint chips as covers. What a neat idea! These ones shown here are from the etsy shop Crabapple Designs, and come in your choice of colors and either top or side spiral binding. We can just see these as delightful guest gifts at an art-themed celebration or at a bridal shower for a school teacher!
  4. Featured on Don’t Sew Angry, these sweet little gift tags seem like a now-why-didn’t-I-think-of-that? kind of project. Just cut them to size (using a paper punch for a nice neat finish or a pretty shape), write your greeting, and they’re good to go!
  5. How clever are these woven paint chip wallets or card holders? We discovered them among the archives of Craftzine blog, attributed to Mark Montano. Too bad the source link seems to be broken, but the photo shows the weave on these mini wallets using strips cut from paint chips! Sewing machine stitching then holds everything together. Cute, huh!

What Else Can You Make for a Wedding?

Paint chips are useful for a variety of crafty items. You can create colorful placecards to grace the place settings or escort card table. Make pretty confetti using paint chips punched out from a rainbow of colors or from one main color (i.e., ombre or monochromatic) of your wedding color scheme. You can also create a wish tree using cards cut in squares, circles, or even hearts—just use a hole punch with a special shape!

One More Great Idea!

This idea uses paint chips as art materials! The results are framed mini artworks that could grace the homes of your guests. This great project from The 3R’s Blog (standing for Reduce Reuse Redecorate) involves cutting out circles from paint chips using 3 sizes of circular punches. Then, designer-blogger Allison simply layered the circles in her choice of color combinations and glued them in place. Reminds us of 1960s pop art!

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  1. Cute post! Love the notebooks!

  2. I didn’t know you could do so many things with paint chips. I will pay more attention to these when I go to Home Depot!

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