Posh and Pretty Packaging Ideas Using Fabrics & Ribbons

Packaging with ribbons and fabric

Can’t seem to get away from wrapping paper for gift packaging? You can do better than that! Take inspiration from these quick, yet chic packaging ideas for wedding favors and entourage gifts using fabrics and ribbons.

Fabrics like organza, tulle, satin, or silk make fabulous wraps and containers. Their built-in glam makes any gift item instantly special. Ribbons, too, need not be the ordinary tie-me-in-a-bow variety. Look for ones with appealing colors, patterns, and textures, and “accessorize” them for added punch. You’ll see what we mean.

#1 Fabrics Make Fast & Fabulous Packaging

As splendid tea party favors, charming tulle purses or fabric circles in organza (known as organza favor wraps) can be filled with sweets; while fabric wraps of silk and satin become creative materials for presenting gift boxes.

What to use – Fabrics allow you to save money on gift-wrapping paper, which often gets thrown out anyways. Not only are they reusable, but they also give you much more flexibility in planning what items to give. For example, they’re ideal for packaging odd-shaped objects such as bottles, candles, and packs of edible or scented treats. Plus, there are such a wide variety of fabric styles, colors, and patterns to choose from! Just visit your favorite fabrics store and discover what’s available.

Examples: Since you’ll be wrapping wedding gifts and favors, choose beautiful fabrics such as satin, silk, tulle, or organza. Consider pretty patterns like toile, polka dots, and paisley. You can even use “finished” fabric items such as silk scarves, bandanas, handkerchiefs, or table napkins as lovely packaging.

Edible gift ideas – When using fabrics for packaging, the choices for edible gifts are endless. Just fill simple cellophane bags with coffee beans, caramel popcorn, or some decadent chocolate truffles, and present them in your favorite fabric!

At the party – Favor wraps or tulle purses filled with candy make wonderful decor accents at a quaint afternoon tea party. Decorate the place settings by incorporating the favors into the scene such as placing a favor wrap in each guest’s teacup. Attach an elegant tag and the presentation is ready for the party.

After the party – Fabrics are reusable for packaging so their eco-friendly nature makes them ideal. For example, the purse can be used as a scented sachet for a closet, while favor wraps are useful for wrapping a favorite bottle of perfume or a keepsake box with a sentimental value.

#2 Ribbons Finish Gifts With a Flourish

Ribbons really do give a final flourish to any gift item. Here, favor displays of woven, heart-shaped boxes, porcelain eggs, and pink rose flowerpots look just fabulous when finished with ribbons in striking colors and patterns!

What to use – Ribbons have the amazing ability to spruce up an ordinary package in an instant. Just find some in the color, texture, or pattern that suits your party theme, and you’ll be surprised at how easily ribbons can turn your gifts festive or feminine, exotic or elegant. In fact, ribbons can be your packaging! If you find gift boxes in a special heart shape, for instance, simply line them with colorful tissue, tie a ribbon round them, and present them to your delighted guests.

Examples: Choose from the traditional satin, lace, or gingham ribbons; or opt for rustic-looking raffia, twine, or a strip of grass or palm leaf. For something truly unusual, craft unique “ribbons” out of men’s silk ties! [see Idea #1 above.] Then, for stylish finishing touches, add strings of faux pearls, metallic cords in silver or gold, or multi-colored beads.

Edible gift ideas – When using ribbons, all you need to find are shapely boxes to present your gifts, and you’re done. Some yummy box fillings can include: cookies, roasted mixed nuts (cashew, almond, pistachios, and pecans), candied walnuts, candy-coated chocolates, a medley of colorful pasta shells, fusilli, and corkscrew, or a festive mix of your favorite candies.

At the party – Citrus-orange ribbons tied around sinamay gift boxes make a spectacular favor display at a Caribbean-inspired wedding party. Gingham bows atop bright porcelain eggs are sure charmers at an Easter-time bridal shower. Just add save-the-date cards as a reminder of the upcoming wedding!

After the party – The heart-shaped favor containers and porcelain egg boxes would make great trinket keepers or jewelry holders back home. And the sweet flowerpots would brighten up any dresser or desktop.


  1. Luv the pretty tea cup with the pink wrap! It is a great favor idea for a bridal shower tea party. I’d feel the wraps with some marshmallows! The picture is so cute! Do you recommend any other filling ideas?

  2. Certainly! I think the wraps are great for presenting candies such as pink whoppers, Lindt chocolates, Dutch mints, and even chocolate covered espresso beans. I also love chocolate covered almonds!

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