Bridal Shower Party Themes to Match your Personality

Bridal shower party themes

Oops, your personality is showing! At your very own bridal shower party, shouldn’t this be the case? Since this is your special occasion, showcase your unique style through the party table displays. We show you how this can be done with a careful choice of distinctive table décor and accent pieces. Take a look at our range of thematic examples—from classic to contemporary, from sophisticated to artsy, from conservative to fun and carefree. You’ll surely find inspiration for crafting your own themed tablescapes that capture a mood and a look that says YOU!

Theme: Pop Art with Bold Colors

Pop Art with Bold Colors

Announce the party girl in you with this bold, poster-style decorating approach for your bridal shower tables! Vivid fuchsia, orange, and green spell fun from the hand-painted luminaries, colorful place cards, coasters, and bead napkin rings, to the heart-shaped favor boxes by each plate. While the gleam of a clear glass table, crystal goblets, and stylish cutlery take the whole look from cutesy to art gallery chic.

Theme: Marie Antoinette with Vintage Decorations

Marie Antoinette with Vintage Decorations

“Queen for a day” is what this table setting declares! If you’ve been dreaming of reliving your childhood tea party days, then this Marie Antoinette-inspired tabelscape takes it to a whole new level. Frilly lace fans, ruffled plate chargers, and dainty floral-pattern dinnerware and tea cups set the scene on a rich brocade tablecloth. Even the bridal shower favors are “in theme,” wrapped in powder pink organza and finished with rococo-style gold edged gift tags.

Theme: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn for this “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” inspired bridal shower brunch. Refined, understated, and oh-so-classy, this look is surprisingly simple to achieve. Select table ware and napkins in pristine white with clear glass tea cups. Surround these with rose textured candles on pearl wreaths,  rose flowerpots, and a scattering of glistening sequins. And for the Tiffany’s touch? Sweet swirly ribbons, in that distinctive Tiffany blue, to adorn each place setting!

Theme: Afternoon Garden Party

Whimsical afternoon garden party

Always been the unconventional type? Would rather be different from the crowd, if you can help it? Well, for starters, you can host your bridal shower as an afternoon garden party—but minus all the customary frills. In fact, surprise your guests with quite a spare table setting in an unusual color palette, such as fuchsia, brown, and orange. The only soft touches being playful flower cutouts as place cards and dainty embroidered pouches holding sweet treats as guest favors. This way, the focus is on friends, family, fun, and food!

Theme: Magical Winter

Magical winter theme

If you’ve always loved a little fantasy, but fear you’ve outgrown your fairytale years, here’s a bridal shower decor option for you! This winter-inspired setting puts an elegant and romantic spin on a fantasy party look. We’ve achieved this with the sparkle of rhinestone votives with matching place card holders, and silver sequins, plus adorable pocketbooks adorned with soft white feathers serving as a unique centerpiece.

Theme: Cuban cocktail party

Cuban cocktail party with a Havana Nights vibe.

Do you happen to have a distinctive heritage? Play it up proudly at your bridal shower party! Here, we’ve created a table display with a cool Cuban flavor, using playful references to sultry Havana. Can you spot them? Brown fabric napkins rolled up to mimic the iconic Cuban cigar and a smart little fedora at mid-table in place of a traditional centerpiece. How clever is that? Hint: You can do the same with any decorative accents to celebrate your particular lineage. Just be creative! See our styled shoot for a Havana Nights Engagement Party.

Theme:  Casual Tapas Party

Casual Tapas party

Warm, passionate, romantic—if these qualities describe you, then you sound like sunny Spain! Bring that Castillian flair to your bridal shower party tables with an exotic-looking yet inviting summer evening tapas party. Start with a color palette that just glows with gold and red—from a rich satin tablecloth to cabbage-rose chair accents. Then, delight guests with party favors bundled up in colorful packaging, and tucked admist a centerpiece displayed on a paella pan. You can almost hear the castanets!

Some Points to Consider!

How to match you wedding shower theme with your style and personality:

  1. Convey your theme through colors – Keep in mind that the theme you choose will impact your color palette, so select colors that match your personality. For example, if you have a classic style, then a theme that is centered on simple, clean lines and muted colors will be best for you. Some examples include a Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Palm Beach-inspired theme. However, if bold, vivid colors express you to a “T,” then go for a rainbow of hues with a Caribbean theme.
  2. Consider seasonality – If you’re leaning towards a seasonal theme such as one inspired by fall or summer, then use nature for your color cues. Burnt orange, red, and brown are customary choices for fall, but also consider lovely alternate colors such as magenta, plum, and emerald. Perfect for an al fresco Tuscan-inspired theme. For a unique departure from the usual summer celebration, you could opt for an enchanting “Midsummer Night’s Dream” theme. A wintertime wedding event could take on a Winter Wonderland-inspired theme; while a charming Shabby Chic theme could be just the thing for spring!
  3. Choose a theme close to your heart – Selecting a theme can be as fun—and as overwhelming—as walking into a candy store! So zero in on one that truly means something to you. Perhaps a concept that is inspirational or sentimental, like a nostalgic “circus comes to town” theme. Or something quirky and unconventional such as an “art-inspired” or a vintage fashion theme. You can also consider themes that are based on a culture or place that is significant to you, like a Moroccan or Mexican theme.
  4. Use themed accent touches – When deciding on table décor to match your theme, don’t feel that everything needs to be 100% theme-related. Often, even 3 to 4 well-chosen elements are all you need to capture the theme effectively. For instance, in our Cuban cocktail party example above, we used Fedora hat centerpieces and “cigar” table napkins as clever themed decor touches. Then, we set these in a palette of vibrant colors, with paper flowers as fun napkin accents. Take this cue when planning your own event.
  5. Decide on a casual or formal style – Consider which ambiance suits your personality best. Would you prefer a refined sit-down party setting or an informal atmosphere where guests are free to mingle and serve themselves? Clearly, certain themes, locations, and seasons lend themselves more to a formal entertainment approach—such as our Modern-Vintage theme. Others are just perfect for a casual gathering—like our Easter-themed garden party. The key is to keep in mind what will work best to express YOU!


  1. I love how you showcased such different looks, simply by choosing the right table decor and accents! Now that I see how doable it can be, I’m excited to try out a music-themed party table for my cousin’s bridal shower. Thanks!

  2. My favorite table is the garden wine party. It’s so simple yet colorful! I can do this!

  3. I have to say that my absolute favorite is slide #3 with the Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme! It’s so pretty!

  4. My older sister is having a Lady Gaga themed bridal shower! It’s sounds crazy, but she’s a big fan. A lot of the table decor will have a “moderny” yet vintage look coupled with fashionable flair like lace. Just thought I’d share this idea because we were all laughing when she came up with this idea. It will be fun, though. Cheers!

  5. How is this for a crazy theme!? I love the idea of a Lady Gaga theme, so we took it a step further and decided to make it an all out music diva theme. My older sister has always loved women such as Madonna, Celine Dion, and since I am in charge of planning her bridal shower, I thought that this would be an absolutely great idea. It will be held as an “overnighter”/slumber party. One of the highlights of this party is that all of our 10 guests will be treated to a diva nail spa!

  6. I think those Fedora hats are great as table decorations or centerpieces. The Havana theme table setting is my favorite!

  7. We’re having a Sex and the City bridal shower theme. Plus, the movie is coming out this May, so we are so so excited! It’s really going to be glamorous and fun at the same time. All of us will be dressing up in cocktail dresses!

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