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Colorful Tablescapes for a Wedding by Themes

Colorful wedding palettes from Bellenza

Color choice for a wedding event is a major decision. Much of the emotional impact of such a special occasion is a function of the event’s color scheme. Colors can capture the mood of a season or the special feel of a location. They can celebrate treasured cultural practices or well-loved family traditions. They can even recreate whole new settings, whether far-off and exotic or right at home and familiar. But most importantly, they can express the personality and style of the couple—whether fun-loving, sophisticated, or romantic. Bellenza shows you 10 of our own styled shoots in these dazzling tablescapes perfect for casual weddings, rehearsal dinners, and engagement parties.

Colorful Tablescapes for a Wedding by Themes

  1. Purple everywhere from favor boxes with chocolates coins, lavender motif bags with purple chocolates, and cookies for guests to enjoy.

    Purple favor boxes with chocolates coins

  2. Skyblue sachets, orange and green centerpieces, and ivory paint a sunny Southern California tablescape.

    Skyblue sachets for a sunny Souther California tablescape.

  3. Bright orange florals juxtaposed against blue votives, lime green accents, and a lilac tablecloth.

    Bright orange florals juxtaposed against blue votives, lime green accents, and a lilac tablecloth.

  4. Beachy blue organics with seashell accents, sandy hues, and crisp geometric plates.

    Beachy blue organics with seashell accents, sandy hues, and crips geometric plates.

  5. Old World charm inspired by romantic black and pink rose centerpieces interspersed with black lace, pink table napkins, and dainty pocketbook purses filled with confections.

    Old World charm inspired by romantic black and pink rose centerpieces interspersed with black lace, pink table napkins, and dainty pocketbook purses filled with confections.

  6. Mysterious Moroccan tablescape in bright table accents of gold, purple, fuchsia, and blue.


  7. Rich red roses in vessels wrapped in olive green, red, and burnt orange for a romantic Italian tablescape.

    Rich red roses in vessels wrapped in olive green, red, and burnt orange.

  8. Fuchsia and green Hawaiian tablescape with lush table accents that highlight this exotic summer theme.

    Fuchsia and green Hawaiian tablescape

  9. Summer beach tablescape with fuchsia and blue.

    Summer tablescape with fuchsia and blue.

  10. Mint green and pink decorates this casual wedding breakfast tablescape with candles, tiny baskets filled with pink candies, and pink rose in pots.

    Mint green and pink decorates this casual wedding breakfast tablescape.











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  1. Hello from Chicago !
    i’m an event planner and really like all your ideas ! Came across your site looking for unique color combinations to use. I found it ! ( 6 vibrant colors )

    thanks and more power. Who knows we may work together someday….

  2. I just love that color palette of chocolate brown and lilac. In fact, I’m having the same colors for my wedding shower. We’re having beautiful hydrangeas as flowers. A chocolate fountain will be center of attraction!

  3. I just love the black and pink color combo. It’s quite pretty.

  4. I love the photo at the top with the organza – those are our colors!

  5. Thank you for the wonderful words! How kind 🙂

  6. I love the color combo with burnt orange and aqua! I’m using it for my wedding this summer 2010.

  7. I’m getting married July 4th, 2013 and I am just beginning to plan everything but im a bit torn with my color choices. I know that we want to do a teal-ish type of blue but im torn between going very simple with teal & white (this also incorporates easily with july 4th) or just incorporating this holiday into our night with fireworks & sparklers but choosing 2 colors I also love together- teal & a pale yellow. Do you think I should go with teal & white so I can easily add a bit of July 4th themes in or go with teal & yellow but still add a bit of July 4th in where I can?

    My main concern is that I love the fireworks that will be shot from the bridge over the rive that overlooks our venue so we’re so excited about our date but we dont want to plaster red, white & blue everywhere just bc we chose this day as our date. How can we incorporate the theme without going overboard & ensuring our evening looks elegant, beautiful and not just a july 4th party? Thanks!!

  8. Hi thnx so much for the good job. im getting maried this year with turquoise blue as my main colour. which other colours can create a unique combination with the turquoise blue

  9. Hi Kerri — Wow, that idea about the fireworks sounds fabulous! That could already be your tribute to the 4th of July, along with a fun send-off with your guests holding sparklers! So you need not feel constrained to have a red-white-blue palette.

    Your choice of teal and white would be lovely for a summer wedding. Then, perhaps, you could add a few red highlights in the bouquets, boutonnieres, and reception centerpieces. Something like this: http://katelynjamesblog.com/she-calls-him/

    Or for a more muted, elegant look, perhaps deeper teal and red like this: http://www.weddings.banquetevent.com/blog/2009/3/4/get-inspired-sea-of-deep-red-something.html

    Happy planning! 🙂

  10. Hi, Rhoda — For something a bit unique to pair with turquoise blue, why not consider a soft peach? Here’s a link to a sample inspiration board: http://www.elizabethannedesigns.com/blog/2011/01/18/blue-orange-wedding-inspiration-board/

    If you want a more exotic look, you could try pairing turquoise and purple! You can see how it looks here: http://www.primadonnabride.co.za/2011/01/vibrant-peacock-inspiration.html

    Hope these ideas help! 🙂

  11. Hi there, we will be trying the knot at the end of oct this year.
    It will be ceremony and reception in a very large hall.
    He was thinking black and white with red accents maybe a damask runner. I was okay with this until I picked my dress.
    I’m scared now it’s to harsh of colors to go with my romantic dress with lace beading roses. In diamond white…
    Now in wondering if I should change the colors to softer more romantic ones like creams and pink with black and white?
    Ugh I have no talent at this so turning to the experts!

  12. Hi, Liz — Actually, the color palette you’ve initially chosen (black and white with red accents) isn’t necessarily a problem for your romantic dress. Since your description sounds like the dress embellishments will be quite elaborate and striking, the key would be to keep everything else at the ceremony and reception very classic. And black-and-white is THE classic color scheme!

    Your bridesmaids can be in very chic black dresses with small red bouquets; or red dresses with small white bouquets. Your groom and his groomsmen can be in black tuxes with red boutonnieres. Even your reception tables can be in classic white linens with sparkling silverware, then popping red centerpieces.

    Happy planning! 🙂

  13. Hi,
    Me & My Bf is planing to get married next year by MAY, and i choose the color aqua blue & apple green. Is it a great color for May wedding? and can you give me some unique ideas for our wedding giveaway/token? thank you so much

  14. Hello, Apple — Certainly, aqua blue and apple green would make a great color palette for your May wedding! You can get a clearer picture of the look here: http://blog.myjeanm.com/2010/01/a-color-story-to-inspire-you-tropical-aqua-and-margarita-1064.html

    For wedding favors, it would be nice to choose gift items or edible treats to give based on:
    the location of your wedding (at the beach, by a lake, in a garden?)
    the theme (vintage? nautical? rustic?)
    something special to both you and your fiancé (travel? music? being eco-friendly?)

  15. Hi, I’m having a wedding in a small function room in july. I was thinking of having silver and yellow as my wedding colours what do you .Linda

  16. Hi Linda — Since July is such a sunshiny month (barring any changes in the weather!), yellow and silver would be lovely. You would just have to decide if you prefer a soft, buttercream yellow if you’ll have an indoor, evening ceremony/reception; or a bold, bright yellow if you’re having an outdoor, daytime event. Hope this helps! 🙂

  17. Hi,

    This is Lyne, my wedding is in May, 2012 and my favourite colours are burnt orange, fuschia and still debating whether to go for red or burgundy, what would you recommend, this is an indoor wedding.

  18. Hi Lyne — My, your wedding is just around the corner in May! Hope you’ll still have time to pull together the color palette you want. Since May is still a springtime month, my suggestion would be to choose either the burnt orange or the fuchsia. (The red or burgundy might be more suited for a fall or winter wedding.)

    Or you could actually combine the orange and fuchsia, as seen in these posts:

    (see 2nd photo)

    (this could give you ideas for the indoor set-up)

    All the best! 🙂

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