Fun Wedding Craft Ideas that are Budget-Friendly!

Wedding crafts

Crafting your very own wedding decorations and accessories is a wonderful way to personalize this momentous occasion. But while these items may be DIY, do make sure they are high on style, creativity, and personalization. Here, we present creeative craft ideas for accent pieces you can proudly use—whether at the ceremony or at your reception. Some are a cinch to make; others may be a bit more challenging. But each one is amazingly budget-friendly, while being a sure conversation piece at your wedding event!

Wedding Projects: From Your Table Number to Favors


1 – Table numbers made from bird seeds!


2 – Bake your own wedding cookies and present them in small gift bags for guests.


3 – Fabric scrap place card holders.


4- Tin can bouquet from soda cans!


5 – Homemade boutonnieres from tins cans, too.


6 – Wedding guest book wall canvas for eco-friendly weddings.


7 – Make mini bundt cakes instead of one large wedding cake.

Summary of Ideas Presented Above:

  1. Create table numbers – Construct them using eco-friendly materials such as bird seeds, sunflower seeds, or even candies.
  2. Bake cookies – Who can resist something home baked like delicious iced sugar cookies? Create them in shapes that match your theme and colors. Add a personal touch by placing a monogram of the bride and groom’s initials.
  3. Make creative place card holders – Turn fabric scraps into clever place card holders that can double up as favors for guests.
  4. Craft your own bouquet and boutonnière – Consider using soda cans for an unconventional spin to your wedding day. You can also use materials such as crepe or tissue paper to craft an all-paper bridal bouquet.
  5. Present a one-of-a-kind “wedding wish mural” – As an alternative guest book idea, turn your guest book into a work of art using large stretched canvases (available at any arts and crafts supply store). See how to do this.
  6. Decorate the cake server – Even with a small wedding cake, personal touches always add that extra special flair. Consider decorating your cake server with a pretty brooch or similar piece of jewelry like an earring.

Additional Craft Ideas for Your Wedding:

  1. Wedding invitations – Browse through the many books available that have templates for invitations, place cards, and save-the-date cards. You can also get inspiration from an actual invitation you’ve received and then make it your own. Or consider using a simple motif and then work with pretty stationery and card stock available at paper craft stores.
  2. Wedding ceremony signage – For a simple and cost-effective way of ushering guests in to the reception, display a chalkboard with a welcome message written in a pretty font—using multi-colored chalk, if you wish. It also adds a nostalgic touch to the occasion, reminiscent of your childhood days!
  3. Cake and edible wedding favors – Even if your wedding is on a tight budget, you can still have a lovely cake display. Simply use a three-tier stand to present your cake on its top layer. Then, fill the remaining tiers with prettily wrapped guest favors tucked amidst faux flowers. Another cost-saving tip is to gift guests with cookies tied up in organza bundles, cupcakes frosted to suit the party color palette, or 1-piece boxes of chocolate truffles.
  4. Event programme – Save on the cost of a social printing service. Take special card stock and print out your wedding programme yourself, using a font that expresses the style and theme of the wedding. Then encase each programme in a sleeve of elegant vellum or handmade paper, in a color that matches your motif.
  5. Ring pillow – Innovative is the way to go—even with your ceremony accessories. In place of the traditional ring pillow, think of a unique way to have your rings brought down the aisle. Try something as unconventional as an open wooden box, for instance, or a miniature treasure chest filled with fresh flowers. Simply put ribbons on the stems of two of the flowers to hold the rings in place. Or if yours is a beach wedding, your rings could be nestled in a bed of sand inside a large shell, embellished with exotic orchids. Unique yet elegant!


  1. Those heart shaped cookies with pink icing look so delish! Luv the cute gift bags 🙂

  2. Suzanna Engele

    I just adore those lavender bags! We’re planning on a Mother’s Day tea party and my sis and will be using those bags. We will be holding the event in the patio of our house which is overlooking a pool so our party wil have a nice laid-back and casual style. I’m serving up items such as black forest ham, tuna, and salmon sandwiches. Pastries will be a selection of cupcakes, brownies, lemon bars, and croissants wherein guests can choose their own jams. We will also have a nice tea station consisting of cold and hot drinks such as oolong, green tea, and flavored varieties. It will be fun. I’m so excited that I wanted to share it with your readers.

    Toodles 🙂 Suzie

  3. For my wedding favors, I’m really trying to be within a budget of $5 or less and because of this, I’m thinking of making cookies. Here is the kicker, I have about 250 guests to invite. Would you feel that making 250 cookies is a bit unrealistic? I plan on making lemon butter cookies, each one will have our monogram on it. My fiance says that it is doable as long as we bake it 3-4 days ahead, but I’m not sure.

  4. We opted out of wedding favor idea. Instead we made a donation to a local non-profit organization called Wigs 4 Kids. They actually provided beautiful tent cards with their logo and named embossed on the front, inside said that we had made a donation on our guest behalf, and then on the back told all about the non profit organization. I did punch a hole at the top and added a ribbon in our colors.
    I think our guests will appreciate the donation. There are many non profit companies, and to support something in our local city was a bonus.

  5. HI! just wanna want an idea on what’s the best motif for a morning wedding like 10:00 am

  6. Hi, “C” — Your idea of donating to a charity close to your hearts is a wonderful option for wedding favors! It’s true that more couples now want to make their wedding meaningful in ways like these…and their guests appreciate it!

    Hi, Shazzy – A morning wedding has a special feel to it! Depending on the season and the location of your wedding, a garden ceremony followed by a tea party-style brunch would be nice. Or an eco-friendly or rustic motif would also look lovely in the morning sunshine, and you could give little potted herbs or flowering plants as favors.

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