Spice Up a Wedding Reception With Fabulous Fuchsia

Fuchsia color palette

Think of fuchsia as the “new pink.” Still feminine at heart, it has an added quality that says exotic, sassy, and edgy. Essentially a deep, vibrant pink, this color owes its name to the fuchsia flower native to South America. It has been called neon or fluorescent pink, magenta, or raspberry. But by any name, fuchsia simply means bright, bright, bright! The question is, can fuchsia be used for a wedding color palette? Absolutely! It can spice up virtually any theme or setting. Just see how this versatile color can be matched with various hues of red, burnt orange, purple, sky blue, and so much more.

How to Match a Fuchsia Wedding Color Palette

1 – Bring bright hues of fuchsia set again green in an elegant luau-inspired rehearsal dinner. See our luau styled shoot for more color and decor inspiration.

2 – Pops of burnt orange, red, blue, and purple are great coordinating hues for fuchsia. Try it with your favors by using these color fabrics. See the Bellenza SHOP for these favor wrappers.

3 – Match fuchsia with a sky blue beach tablescape decorated with natural shell elements, elegant candlelight, and seashell seating card holders.  All done with minimal florals.


4 – You can also find a way to coordinate with fuchsia with multiple hues of gold, olive, and red such as these favor frames wrapped in gift fabric.

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  1. thank you for this very informative article on color. So many people are afraid to use color.

    Keep it up 🙂

    your fan,
    Victoria Ndemuti

  2. I never thought fuchsia could be so versatile! I love the way the colors matches with blue especially pastel or even navy blue.

  3. What are some flowers that you can use with fuchsia? I’m having a wedding next summer and fuchsia is a color that I absolutely love to have. Thank you! Luv the pretty pictures.

  4. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

    Fuchsia is a lovely color! There are many beautiful flowers you can use such as lovely dahlias, tulips, roses, camellias, and peonies; lilac hydrangeas; orange gerbera daisies. Vibrant tropical flowers like bromeliads, orchids and heliconias can also be used to bring out the brilliant hues of fuchsia.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Anyone having a fuchsia and moss green color palette? I am thinking of this combination for a summer garden wedding.

  6. This is one of my favorite colors and I am also having a color palette consisting of fuchsia and moss green. For my flower bouquet, I will be incorporating orchids and hypericum berries! Luv this color!

  7. What colors go with fuchsia? Can you suggest some color combos? I am having a summer (garden) wedding and I also to incorporate some gold accents.

    Thank you 😀

  8. Fuchsia can also go great with any of the following: brown, moss green, purple, orange, and gold. If you want to have a color combo for a summer wedding, then fuchsia, brown, and moss green would be a nice palette.

  9. For my wedding next summer, we will be using fuchsia and gold! I can’t tell you how crazy I am about this color combo.

  10. I thought that I was the only one who was nuts over this color, but apparently I was wrong when I stumbled upon the ideas presented here. For my own wedding next year, it will be a lovely garden wedding in Miami, and I am going to have a color palette consisting of fuchsia, silver, and then moss green! My bridesmaids will be wearing a pretty silk shantung dress with a moss green sash. Luv your pictures!

  11. I love this colour. I went to a wedding recently that used it with purple and it looked fabulous.

  12. Im having garden wedding in july, i love fushia! i was thinking fushia,moss green, silver, and purple.does that go, or is it too much?

  13. That is a great color combo. If you want to tone down the colors, try using purple sparingly because it is a strong color that will compete with fuchsia. Consider also muted shades of your colors so that it won’t be too much.

  14. What do you think about maroon with fuscia and gold (sparkly)? Any suggestions to this? Do you think a light pastel green could fit?

  15. what about fuchsia, apple green and light yellow?

  16. Hi Jean! That sounds like a festive neon palette that would be perfect for a summer time wedding. 🙂

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