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A Wedding to Remember in Beautiful Palos Verdes

Dinner table setting

With its fabulous Mediterranean climate, Palos Verdes is touted as one of the most beautiful wedding locations in California. Its magnificent views and cool ocean breezes draw many couples to this ideal location for an ultra-romantic outdoor celebration. Such an event may be held in any of several breathtaking locations, with every detail–from the ceremony, to the attire, to the table settings, gifts and favors–reflecting that luxurious Southern California lifestyle.

Choose the Perfect Spot

Located on the shores of the Palos Verdes peninsula, The Wayfarer’s Chapel is famous for its glass church. Surrounded by towering redwood trees and offering unparalleled views of the ocean, this chapel is a popular venue for many weddings. Other options are the quaint La Venta Inn, a former Spanish villa, or the Palos Verdes Country Club, which both offer a combined location for the ceremony and reception. The key to selecting the ideal venue is to find one that makes the most of the beauty of Palos Verdes. Once the site has been chosen, the details of the ceremony should further enhance that ambiance.

Bring the Ideal Ceremony to Life

Seashell ring pillow
A pillow in the shape of a seashell plays up the fabulous seaside location.

Integrating sea-inspired elements into the ceremony is absolutely essential. For example, the flower girl can toss flower petals from a shell-decorated basket as she walks down the aisle, while the ringbearer may carry the rings on a beach-inspired ring pillow. The aisle may be lined with luminaries, reminiscent of those that light an evening out on the seashore. Apart from details like these, a wedding ceremony in Palos Verdes also calls for stylish, beach-perfect wedding attire.

Dress Up in Style

Ivory dress shawl
The attire for both the wedding entourage and guests is best kept cool and light, yet stylish with an accessory like a shawl.

When dressing for a summertime wedding in Palos Verdes, one must keep the area’s weather in mind. As a thoughtful gesture to guests, the hosts may recommend a dress code that allows light, breezy attire. For the ladies, an outfit made of light fabrics such as silk would be ideal, perhaps with a hat if the ceremony will be held outdoors.

Parasols, iced bottled water, cold fruit drinks, sunshades, and extra ladies’ hats are best kept handy at an outdoor ceremony as well.

Once the ceremony moves on into an evening reception, guests may don shawls, sweaters, scarves, or even cropped jackets as the evening air tends to be quite cool. These accessories help them stay comfortable while still looking fashionable.

Craft Great Table Displays

The reception’s table display can be given a beachside feel with a classy twist. The stage may be set with a crisp white linen tablecloth and an elaborate floral centerpiece. Woven baskets tied with organza ribbons in hues of blue, yellow, and white can be filled with fresh flowers such as daisies, bluebells, and white roses. Seashells can also be laid among the mass of blooms. Powder blue table napkins can be folded in the shape of a conch shell and laid on each plate, while some picture frames may be positioned at each place setting. As a focal point of the reception, a wedding cake with a “California Dreaming” theme can be decorated in sea blue and yellow, echoing a sunny day at the beach.

It doesn’t end there. That Palos Verdes feel is carried over into well-chosen welcome gifts and wedding favors.

Welcome Guests with Something Practical

For out-of-town guests, make a gracious gesture by presenting them with a tote bag full of goodies. Guides to local tourist attractions, maps, and restaurant lists will surely be appreciated if they intend to make the most of their visit. Include an itinerary of the wedding activities, such as any welcome brunches for the guests, rehearsal dinners, or other gatherings taking place before the wedding itself. Finally, add amenity kits containing practical items like sunblock and bottled water to help them enjoy the Southern California weather.

Give Away Attractive Favors

Chocolates in shell trays
Shell-shaped chocolates on a candy dish trimmed with seashells make a perfect Palos Verdes souvenir.

As they prepare to leave, give guests keepsakes that capture memories of the celebration. Favors that speak of the sea are ideal. For example, chocolates in the shape of seashells may be presented in elegant packaging. Alternatively, a short poem or quotation about Palos Verdes may be enclosed in a frame, then wrapped in packaging that matches the party’s color palette.

A wedding celebration in Palos Verdes should be nothing short of spectacular. With the sparkling Pacific Ocean as a background, orchestrate an elegant beachside ceremony, romantic outdoor reception, plus dream holiday all in one. The key lies in drawing from the fabulous setting, and using its best elements to host an occasion that makes guests wish they could stay on.

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  1. I understand you have a chapel at your location, however I was wondering if you would be able to accommodate a wedding ceremony outdoors, overlooking the ocean? Planning on getting married next August 2009!

  2. Thank you for the question. I think you would need to contact the venue directly for this question. From their website, it appears that you may be able to have an outdoor ceremony, but I would definitely verify this.

    Here is the contact page for the website of Wayfarer’s Chapel:


    Good luck and congratulations on your upcoming wedding in 2009! Palos Verdes is a gorgeous location!

  3. i would like to know more information about this location thank you

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