Tea Party Themes That Make Tea Time a Delight

Tea Party Themes

What would a tea party be without the dainty porcelain cups, the silver tea service, and the petite pastries and finger sandwiches? Well, you need not toss out these lovely traditions. But you can give your bridal shower tea party a delightful twist by choosing a wonderful theme!

Your motif can be inspired by an ultra-romantic location, like a charming Southern estate, a sitting room in Elizabethan England, or a quaint French country cottage. It may also focus on a distinct element—perhaps a fashion item that suits the tea party ambiance, or a party spread that’s “just desserts.” Or you can create an interesting vintage-meets-modern scene that makes the most of two great looks. Yes, any of these can be brought to life at your party.

6 Bridal Shower Tea Party Themes in Action


1. Fashion Theme – The soft, feminine look of a traditional tea party takes on a fashion slant. Here, the look revolves around dainty favor purses and mini porcelain shoes that mimic a genteel lady’s favorite accessories. This whimsical approach can even be extended to the motif on your invitations for the bridal shower. Hint: For the party favors, each purse could hold fashion “musts” like a mini powder compact and a tiny vial of eau de cologne, or a pretty lace-edged hanky.


2. Elegantly English – Draw inspiration from a proper English tea party to recreate a period setting cast in soft pink, powder blue, and white. Have floral touches everywhere—from mini rose flowerpots to the pattern on the porcelain ware. And finally, use the sheen of a damask tablecloth, silver teapot, and gold trays to add that unmistakable air of elegance. It’s like recreating a room for a tea party during the time of Jane Austen!


3. Fancy French – Ooh la la! Bring a distinctly French accent to your tea party with a table setting full of frills, ruffles, and florals. And of course, food! Use a Parisian patisserie as your inspiration for tea party fare that includes Macaron de Paris, eclairs, jelly cookies, and chocolates. Add savory treats as well, like meat-filled croissants and crusty pies, plus an assortment of bite-size sandwiches. Lastly, consider transforming your venue into a romantic time-period for one fantastic afternoon.


4. Yesterday Meets Today – At first glance, this table display may seem pure vintage. It has the lavish rose centerpieces, lace doilies, and elegant place settings each topped with an antique-style porcelain favor box. It even has whimsical paper silhouettes of ladies in ball gowns. So what makes this a modern-vintage tea party theme? It’s the black-and-pink color choice! This chic touch is seen in the black lace table overlay and black bows amidst the roses.


5. Desserts as Decor for a Love is Sweet Theme – You can also opt for an all-sweets theme from cakes to cookies to cupcakes. But this means that presentation is key! Call attention to the delightful textures, colors, and shapes of the different treats by displaying them on a tiered pastry rack. Add pastel-hued sugar flowers and top the display with flowing satin and lace ribbons. Then use the setting as a favor display as well, by placing organza sachets of candy alongside the treats.


6. Sweetly Southern Theme – Capture the warmth of a Southern get-together without getting overly sweet, by using a pink, mint green, and white color palette. Extend this to the place settings, centerpieces, and decorative accents for a look of stylish restraint. Incorporate the glow of candlelight with lovely candles nestled atop pearl candle rings, and the sparkle of clear sequins for an air of romance. As thoughtfully sweet favors, fill petite silver baskets with candied chocolates.

Other themes you can try:

7. Mad Hatter Theme – Create a really fun vibe with mismatched cups and saucers, mugs, and even tumblers for serving tea in. And have an assortment of hats and caps for guests to choose from and wear during the party—and take home as favors!

8. Princess-Inspired – Regally feminine is the look to aim for, using a pink, ivory, and silver palette. Add the glow of candles and the sparkle of crystals, pearls, and sequins. If floral teacups are not available, a white porcelain set will do. Simply place an organza-wrapped memento in each one: charming antique tea spoons bought at a flea market. Hint: For an extra special treat, dip the spoons in melted chocolate, decorate with some sugar sprinkles, and let dry. Voila! chocolate-dipped antique spoons.

9. Urban Chic – Go for a totally off-the-wall take from a traditional tea party to a cocktail tea! Choose a venue with modern furnishings in chrome, aluminum, stone, marble, and glass. Serve unusual iced tea infusions—herbal, spiced, fruit-flavored—in sleek metallic tumblers, Collins glasses, or clear glass cup-and-saucer sets.


  1. I loved this article and all the tea themes.Where can I purchase the items for these themes especially, the french and romantic themes.They are all so beautiful. Thanks for writing about this topic.
    Sunshine L.

  2. Hi Sunshine. Thank you for stopping by! We purchase many of the items from flea markets, antique stores, and used goods’ stores. These are the perfect places to find unique and affordable items that can be used over and over again. We also fabricate our own stuff such as the painted pots.

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