Easy DIY Bridal Shower Games that Everyone Will Enjoy!

Simple DIY Bridal Shower Games

What would a bride-to-be love to have amidst the whirlwind of wedding preparations? Some laughter and light moments! So as you, her family and friends, plan a bridal shower or two for her, make sure to include games and activities to help her forget her to-do list for a bit, and giggle away those pre-ceremony jitters!

We’ve found 7 easy and enjoyable bridal shower games to do just that. These are a great mix of ready-made, semi-DIY, and make-from-scratch game ideas. So read on, click on the links for the how-to’s, and get ready to treat the bride to a welcome break! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Bridal Shower Fun with Easy DIY Games

These 7 ideas are totally doable. You’ll have as much fun prepping them as you will playing them along with the bride and her guests!

Easy games to play for a bridal shower.

We love how these first 3 game ideas are inspired by key bridal accessories.

First, check out this clever wedding cake piñata (1) courtesy of It Girl Weddings. Covered in a fringe of white tissue and silver foil strips, it can be filled with your choice of treats, sweets, confetti, and sequins!

Next, here’s a DIY bouquet game (2) we found on the Anastasia-Marie blog. Teams of 2 to 3 guests create bouquets out of basic craft supplies, with the bride-to-be as the judge. The winning bouquet will be used at her wedding rehearsal, and the other bouquets will be used for practice "bouquet tosses."

Third is the wedding ring. Here, ready-made Ring-Shaped Mad Libs Cards (4), available on Amazon, have the guests fill in the windows on the cards. Then, once flipped open, the cards reveal the hilarious "wedding vows" they’ve randomly written for the bride!

The last 4 game ideas are more challenging and competitive. These Bridal Shower Scattergories (5) by Modern MOH come with a free printable where guests fill up the columns with items beginning with the letters L, O, V and E. The one with the most answers not duplicated by someone else wins!

This "Name That Spice" game (3) from Blue i Style uses a recycled test tube spice rack to hold 12 different spices for guests to identify by appearance and smell. No tasting!

And for the always-fun "Don’t Say ___________" game, we found 2 versions. One from Craft Klatch uses a DIY Cricut game board (6) with toy wedding rings, and the other found on Pinterest has a home-printed game sign (7) with a box of clothespins. Both versions warn guests not to say a certain word or words throughout the shower or your ring/clothespin will be taken by the one who heard you. The guest with the most rings or clothes pins at the end wins a prize!

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