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Favors Made From Fabrics: Eco-friendly & Eco-nomical!

Favors using fabrics

Great news! You need look no further than your own closets to create the most charming accents and wraps for your bridal shower favors. You probably have a treasure trove of fabrics there, in a whole range of colors, textures, and patterns. From those unused materials and scraps, you can craft your own handmade fabric brooches and versatile fabric gift wraps. Talk about personal, penny-wise, and planet-friendly all in one!

Be inspired by our fun ideas with fabric below, and have guests leave your bridal shower with lovely mementos of the happy occasion.

Craft Fabric Brooches as Favor Accents

What to Use: As we said, look in your closets. Dig out old scarves, handkerchiefs, sashes, and bandanas, a patterned blouse gone out of style, fabric remnants from remodeled curtains or table cloths, maybe even cloth scraps from a past sewing project. The more varied the colors, patterns, and textures, the better! Cut these into strips, swirl different strips into a pretty rosette, and secure them together with a few stitches. Sew a safety pin onto the back of each rosette—and you have your whimsical fabric brooches!

Presentation: Once you’ve created several brooches, group them in a woven basket tied with ribbons to match your color scheme. Then, display this charming basket of blooms on a gift or favor table at the party.

Favor ideas: These brooches can serve as fun favors themselves by simply attaching a favor tag to each one.

Or you may use the brooches as eye-catching accents on your favor packaging. Above, we’ve tucked foil-wrapped chocolates into a dainty purse-inspired favor bag and pinned a brooch on one corner for a sweet finishing touch. Display these purses on your guests’ place settings and you have a decorative accent as well!

Give Eco-friendly Favors in Reusable Fabric Wraps

What to Use: Simple fabric circles make the most versatile and easy-to-use gift wraps. Make your own by cutting circles from fabric scraps, then hemming the edges or finishing them with pinking shears. Or use our wraps made from shimmering organza in a whole range of colors. Either way, tie your wraps closed with matching drawstrings and attach a tag that goes with your shower theme.

Presentation: Take your cue from the fabrics your wraps are made from. Show off their colors and designs to best advantage—whether bundled together on a wooden tray, lined up on a tiered display stand, grouped to create an attractive centerpiece, or even hanging from a “favor tree.”

Favor ideas: If you’re aiming for eco-friendly favors, why not consider giving fruits? For a bridal shower in the fall, fabric-wrapped apples would celebrate the season. While for a more exotic East-meets-West theme, Japanese Fuji apples or mandarin oranges could be bundled up in fabric for guests to enjoy at home. A perfect idea as Asian-inspired bridal shower favors!

Other ways to use fabrics in favors:

1. Face towels – A face towel can become the packaging for a simple spa soap favor. Present each guest with a small bar of soap rolled into a towel, held in place with a natural raffia ribbon. You can also present the towel itself as a favor, in the form of a rolled “towel cake.”

2. Kitchen or dish towels – For a “Bridal Shower Bake-off” theme, kitchen or dish towels can be given as the favors themselves—rolled around a wooden mixing spoon, for instance. Or they may be used to wrap a bundle of family recipe cards and tied with a pretty ribbon.

3. Jeans – What do you do with old jeans? Don’t toss them out. Use them as creative packaging for shower gifts such as books or journals. Simply cut the denim fabric into long strips and use these as cool “sleeves” or “bands” to decorate each gift.

4. Sweaters – Have an old cashmere or wool sweater that you’ve been keeping since college—but are certain you’ll never wear again? Turn it into neat packaging material for a bundle of candies. Or turn them into pom pom balls to decorate your favors or gifts.

5. Baby clothes or bibs – Especially if your shower guests will be family members and childhood friends, your little baby shirts, bibs, or bonnets would make cute wrapping materials for favors like framed photos of you together.

6. Scarves, bandanas, and sashes – These lend themselves perfectly to bundling up odd-shaped favor items, or else serving as quirky “ribbons” to finish off your gifts.


  1. victoria ndemuti

    i love your eco projects !

  2. Your fabric brooches are just adorable! Will you be sharing a DIY post for these?

  3. That’s a great question! We will be publishing it very soon! In the Fall!

  4. I heard about a bridal shower wedding bouquet made with old brooches hot glued onto satin fabric. Does anyone know how this is done?

  5. A brooch bridal bouquet! Lovely and unique indeed. To make them stick, you’d have to use some wire to attach the brooches. Be sure to have a glue gun handy. Try these sites out for some diy ideas:

    Brooch Bouquet DIY: Part 1

    Diy brooch project

    For some design inspiration:

    Vintage brooch bouquets

  6. Hi Isabelle! That is so sweet of you. Thanks!

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