No Bake Bridal Shower Desserts: 8 Pretty & Easy Recipes

No bake bridal shower treats

No bake! That caught your attention, right? Usually, when you think of desserts for a special occasion, it’s most likely cakes, cupcakes, petit fours, and pies that come to mind. In other words, baked goods. But if it’s a bridal shower that you’re planning, any time-saving and cost-saving option amidst all the pre-wedding prep is always welcome. Tada, no bake!

As you plan your bridal shower menu, then, keep that option in mind. While baked bridal shower goodies are a lovely tradition, sweet treats that skip the whole oven process are definitely a plus. So survey these no-bake dessert ideas we found that look just delish—as we note what makes each recipe so doable!

Dessert Recipes with No Baking Needed

Take your pick from these goodies to delight your bridal shower guests. And relieve you of baking time!

No bake bridal shower desserts from fudge to cheesecakes

1 – No-bake Candy Diamond Ring Cake – Now That’s Peachy lets us in on a clever DIY cake hack: use store-bought items! Nothing is made from scratch, just assembled to resemble a big diamond ring—using store-bought sponge cream cake, chocolate balls, chocolate swirls, mini meringues, candy sugar hearts, and a tub of premade frosting.

2 – Mini No Bake Wedding Cakes – From Shaken Together (featured on The Crafting Chicks), this recipe also uses ready-made frozen pound cake. Cookie cutters in 3 sizes create the tiny tiers. Just stack, frost, and top with sprinkles!

3 – Strawberry Cheesecake Cups – Sure to be a pretty addition to your bridal shower dessert spread. This recipe from Key to My Lime features layers of whipped cream, strawberry jam, a cream cheese-sour cream filling, and an easy graham cracker crust served in little glass jars.

4 – Easy No Bake Cake Pops – Wholly Tasteful assures us this recipe is much easier than making traditional cake pops. No special equipment needed or to clean up afterwards. Plus these festive treats are naturally gluten-free and refined sugar free. 

5 – Easy Coffee Jelly – Perfect as a cold summer dessert, this combo of coffee-flavored jelly and a sweet cream sauce comes courtesy of You can adjust the sweetness or bitterness of the coffee flavor, and make the jelly ahead to chill overnight in the fridge. 

6 – Bubblegum Cheesecake – This might look like a sugar overload (and it is!). Imagine a cream cheese mixture with actual gumballs in it, over a graham cracker crust. Then coated with neon pink frosting. A sure party hit, according to My Incredible Recipes!

7 – No Bake Unicorn Fudge – Via Food Network, here is another super-pretty sugary treat—probably best served in small squares! The vanilla frosting tinted in different pastel colors using candy melts would make this dessert perfect for a fantasy-themed bridal shower.

8 – No Bake Lucky Charms Treats – Pillsbury brings us this use-decorative-cereal idea, combining marshmallows and Lucky Charms (you could use another cereal of your choice) melted together and pressed into a pan. Then, cut into squares to serve!

You get the idea, right? So, off you go to enjoy a fabulous bridal shower—with a little less hassle, thanks to no-bake desserts!

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