Candy Makes a Sweet Statement as Favors for Guests

Candy ideas for favors

Go ahead, indulge! Use the ultimate sweet gift—candy—to thank your guests for sharing this most special of days with you. Everyone loves candy anyway…plus the sheer variety available surely provides the perfect match for your wedding’s theme or color palette. How’s that for giving guests something delightfully sweet and simple?

How to Package Candy as Favors with Unique Favor Containers

How to Package Candy as Wedding Favors

Pictured above:
(1) Faberge-inspired eggs; (2) Silver baskets; (3) Heart-shaped boxes; (4) Organza pomander bags; (5) Porcelain favor boxes; (6) Fabric wraps; (7) Limoges-style boxes; (8) Petite slipper favors; (9) Shell trays

But whether you choose classic jordan almonds or rainbow-colored jelly beans, the key to delightful candy favors is in the packaging. Make it as playful, nostalgic, sophisticated, or whimsical as the treats hidden inside. Guests will surely appreciate such lovely containers, long after the candy’s all gone!


1. Faberge-inspired eggs – All that glitters is gold—at least at this Russian ball-themed wedding party. Each holding a brilliant gold-foil wrapped chocolate truffle, these porcelain keepsake eggs exude all the royal charm of the famed Fabergé eggs. Trimmed and footed in gold as well, these eggs may be later used as dresser decor pieces or trinket boxes.

2. Silver baskets – All glammed up and ready to go, humble candy store favorites can become the stars of a wedding favor table. How? Thanks to the luster and luxe of mini baskets made of silver. Presented in an entire array of bright colors, soft neutrals, and glittering foil wraps, these favors are not only eye candy (literally!) for the party decor, but they offer something for everyone.

3. Heart-shaped boxes – “Good fortune” is wished upon the happy couple with these symbolic gold-coin chocolates. But more than that, these treats carry through the delectable chocolate-and-lilac theme of this bridal shower, as they are presented in woven heart-shaped favor boxes. Back home, the boxes make handy holders for makeup or potpourri.


4. Organza pomander bags – The classy look of white on white brings together traditional jordan almonds and this pomander-shaped favor bag made of organza roses and trimmed with a handle trimmed with pearlized beads. Such a ladylike pairing is just the thing for an intimate bridesmaids’ brunch or bridal shower tea party.

5. Porcelain favor boxes – Sure to make guests smile, cheery-colored jelly beans echo the bright porcelain egg containers that hold them. These make lovely table accents for an Easter-time or spring wedding reception.

6. Fabric wraps – Who says candy can’t be classy? For a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s“-inspired shower or a floral-themed brunch, gold foil-wrapped chocolate Hershey’s Kisses® take on an elegant and demure look with an organza wrap in the softest powder pink. Now, that’s what you call sweet!


7. Limoges-style boxes – Pretty in pink! Color choice is what transforms even the simplest childhood treats into ideal fillers for these porcelain antique-style boxes. Here, everyone’s favorite M&Ms® in baby pink and fuchsia match the rose design of these boxes, prepared for a Parisian-inspired bridal shower. Marie Antoinette would’ve loved them (the chocolates, that is)!

8. Petite slipper favors – Multi-colored petite candies peep out of tiny porcelain shoes at a Victorian– or vintage-themed wedding celebration. While the shoes may be glazed a la Delft blue and white ceramics, it’s the candy that can pick up on the event’s color scheme—in this case, shades of purple, lavender, and mauve.

9. Shell trays – Seashells, seashells everywhere…and candy, of course! These gold-rimmed candy trays decorated with shell fragments make any kind of sweet treats look right at home at a beachside wedding party—from gold coins, to taffy, to seashell chocolates. After the event, guests may use them as fancy soap dishes or potpourri holders.


  1. What a pretty mosaic of candy! You can also give out themed candy for a wedding or bridal shower and even make it part of a spectacular candy buffet or bar. For example, at a shower, you can have a tea party themed candy table and incorporate goodies such as lollipops, gummy bears, marshmallows, cotton candy, chocolate truffles, and gum balls. I think I’m getting a sugar high now!

  2. This is very colorful! For my wedding in the summer of 2009, we will be giving out personalized chocolate bars. Since our favorite chocolate bars are Snicker’s bars (we ate them together on our first date), the idea was perfect. We are making the labels ourselves using our PC at home. It will have a cowboy design on it and written in a saloon-style font. To make them look pretty, we will be wrapping the labels around a layer of gift-wrap tissue. A ribbon would then be tied around the bars. Oh, I am so excited!

  3. That’s a really wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. I’m definitely giving candy now for our upcoming wedding! Since we just love Reeses’ peanut butter cups and Reeses’ pieces, we’re giving our guests both of them as favors. The orange and brown color of the packaging is just perfect for a Thanksgiving wedding.

  5. Those silver baskets are so cute! I’d love to use them as containers for little petit fours! Since my bridal shower will be a fancy tea party with a Parisian-theme, these would certainly be nice. I’m also thinking of decorating them with little black and pink bows.

  6. For my wedding this coming Thanksgiving, I will be giving a combination of candy made of orange, brown, and yellow hues such as Whoppers, Lindt Truffles, and candy corn. The burnt orange wraps that you carry are perfect for presenting the candy! Thank you!

  7. I love your pics! Those little yellow eggs and organza pomander bags are adorable! I’m seeing them as great favors for an Easter wedding shower. What else do you recommend for candy during Easter?

  8. What a good question! Here are my suggestions: Brach’s Fiesta malt eggs, Whoppers mini robin eggs, lollipops, marshmallow peeps, chocolate eggs from Cadbury (including the mini eggs which are so good)! You can also create your own candy mix by using a combination of stuff. In this way, everybody gets a little bit of everything. Have fun!

  9. I really like the idea of creating something like your own signature candy mix! I am having a Valentin’e day engagement party and would love to do something like this. I can bags filled with red-foil wrapped chocolates, candy conversation hearts, and heart shaped lollipops. We’re also baking up mini heart shaped cookies and sprinkling them with sugar sprinkles.

  10. great job on the candy spread , wedding bistro! color is definitely IN – spiring !

  11. So colorful! You can even make your own candy such as chocolate truffles or peanut brittle. Just find a great recipe on the web!

  12. In picture #9, where can I buy that candy?

  13. Those saltwater taffy candy are made by the Sweet Candy Company. You can purchase an assorted bag, online for $2.49 per lb. (bag). It is also possible for you to get one flavor in a 3 lb bag for $5.99.

  14. need help i have been planning my son’s wedding, his finance and myself, her mother lives in venzala, the wedding is feb 20, 2010. my son’s finance and my self have planned everything, what is actally need help with is we have already, planned brought and almost made all party favors, which is votice candle holder, with candles and labels on the votive holders, also we brought really nice goodie bags which will hold hershey kisses, every thing is silver and white, her mother
    is now here arrived yesterday and brought a bag full of mini baskets,
    So my question is how can we use these to add to what we already have, so no feeling are hurt. please help as soon as possible,

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